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2022 in review

Data collection by the IBGE and the news that stood out in 2022

Section: IBGE | Design: Brisa Gil e Helga Szpiz

December 26, 2022 10h00 AM | Last Updated: December 27, 2022 06h22 PM

August 1st, 2022 marked the start of one of the most complex surveys conducted by the IBGE, the Population Census. In spite of the reduced number of enumerators, which caused the end of data collection to be postponed until the beginning of 2023, this Census was characterized by innovations. The intensive use of technology made it possible to send data in real time, keeping total protection and secrecy, to monitor data collection all over the territory and, also, as never done before, to obtain all the coordinates of Brazilian housing units. This is also the first Census to identify quilombola communities in the country.

This “2022 in review” shows part of the 2022 Population Census coverage by the IBGE News Agency, with a focus on news reports of the Census in the Fieldseries and it highlights some of the IBGE main products and events in the year. More than 400 releases and news reports, 52 IBGE in Minute, 17 video-interviews, photographic coverages and infographics were produced and released in 2022. Besides the Census, they dealt with the economic context and structure, people’s living conditions, the status of in the country, among other topics.

The challenge of translating public statistics and geosciences into a high-quality multimedia news content, thus increasing people’s access to information and knowledge, was embraced by a dedicated team of journalists, designers, photographers and audiovisual editors with the support of the IBGE social communication departments working in all Brazil’s Federation Units.



IBGE in a Minute - Air Links

Get to know famous persons who have worked in the Census; recruitment process has more than 200 positions available

IBGE detects rise in sea level caused by tsunami in Tonga

Meetings with Quilombola leaders explain the 2022 Census; it is the first time traditional peoples will be counted



IBGE in a Minute - Teenagers' Menta Health

Collection countdown for the 2022 Census is on

In the middle of the pandemic, number of divorces drops 13.6% in 2020



Results of national test show that IBGE is prepared to start the Census in August

In Census year, IBGE News Agency gains new look to enhance user experience

IBGE is irrevocably committed to data protection and confidentiality



Expenditure on health in 2019 represented 9.6% of the GDP

Get to know the History told by the census in the last 150 years

Panel reinforces importance of municipal support for the 2022 Census

Special edition of the Brazilian Journal of Geography has interviews on the 2022 Census



IBGE in a Minute – Environmental Sanitation and Diseases

Interactive dashboard spatializes data from Continuous PNAD and introduces new regional sections

IBGE will capture coordinates of all households for the first time ever

In partnership with the UN, IBGE releases integrated analysis of Ecosystem Accounts

In an unprecedented survey by the IBGE, 2.9 million adults reported being homosexual or bisexual in 2019



IBGE is prepared for the challenge of enumerating subnormal clusters

IBGE on the streets to survey characteristics of urban areas in cities

IBGE will have dedicated server with cloud computing and artificial intelligence

IBGE launches 2022 Census Guide for journalists



IBGE in a Minute - 2022 Census: Training

Between 2020 and 2021, expenditure with tourism falls from R$11.0 billion to R$9.8 billion

IBGE survey shows a decade of information on students’ health

In 2020, iron ore was the major industrial product in Brazil

IBGE will open call center as a backup for Census data collection on the Internet or by telephone

IBGE updates Geographic Framework for Statistics on interactive platform on interactive platform



IBGE in a Minute: Identifying the Enumerator

2022 Census begins today in entire country, enumerators will visit 75 million households

IBGE signs agreements with UN to enumerate immigrants and refugees

Trade has record drop of 4% in job positions in 2020