About us

Acting Editorial Department Coordinator: Diana Paula de Souza
Manager of Journalism: Luiz Bello
Administration Manager: Andrea Rodrigues
Assistant Secretary: Celso Pinto

Adriana Gonçalves Saraiva

Assistant Editor
Pedro Renaux

Image Editor
Helga Szpiz

Photography Editor
Licia Rubinstein

Audiovisual Editor
Mônica Marli

Eduardo Peret
Irene Gomes
João Neto
Marcelo Benedicto
Marília Loschi
Rodrigo Paradella

Regional Reporters
Bahia – Mariana Viveiros e Rita Martins
Ceará – Paulo Yan Carlôto
Maranhão – Leandro Santos
Minas Gerais – Helena Tallmann
Pará – Claudia Sedano
Paraná – Larissa Pieri
Pernambuco – Alana Lima
Rio de Janeiro – Camille Perissé
Rio Grande do Sul – José Zasso
Santa Catarina – Mateus Boing
São Paulo – Adelina Bracco

Helena Pontes
João Carlos Rodrigues
Licia Rubinstein
Marcelo Barroso
Pedro Vidal
Simone Mello
Valberto Cabral

Hilton Marques
Juney Freire
Karina Meirelles
Marina Cardoso
Talita Muniz

IBGE News Agency

The IBGE News Agency produces and distributes directly to the public multimedia content - news, audiovisual and printed material - on the rich and diverse production of the Institute in the areas of statistics and geosciences. The agency staff gathers professionals from several fields of Communication in charge of products in the segments of Digital Journalism, Audiovisual Content, Retratos Magazine, Image and Design, Social Media and Press. The News Agency's challange is to translate statistical classifications into information easily understood by the user, including relevant aspects regarding data collection and survey methodologies. Besides facilitating the direct communication of statistical and geoscientific information to the public, the News Agency will distribute multimedia products to local media representatives. 

The IBGE News Agency represents an improvement in the dissemination of public statistics and geosciences, being directly aimed at the fulfillment of our institutional mission – "To portray Brazil by providing the information required to the understanding of its reality and the exercise of citizenship." Besides, it is also a major advance towards the democratization of public statistics to the common citizen. Similarly to other communication projects of the IBGE, the IBGE News Agency is subject to the Institute’s Integrated Communication Policy.