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Retrospectiva 2021

Population Census confirmation and other key pieces of news in 2021

Section: IBGE

December 29, 2021 09h00 AM | Last Updated: January 04, 2022 11h23 PM

Just a few months before the IBGE starts data collection for the 2022 Population Census, our agency’s 2021 year in review highlights the key facts in the Institute. In September, the IBGE went into the field for the First Census Test on Paquetá Island (RJ), and, in November, conducted the National Test for the 2022 Census in all the states in order to guarantee that all the systems would be working properly and that the interviews and prevention protocols against would be conducted accordingly. This month, a selection process has started to hire more than 200 thousand census agents and enumerators, who will collect data from each of the 5,570 Brazilian housing units.

Throughout the year, there were more than 400 news and releases with interviews, photos, infographics and videos showing economic indicators such as GDP, output from industry, trade sales, services, agricultural production and inflation, as well as social indicators – labor, income, housing conditions, health, education and leisure. Also available were products from the geographic segment – atlases, maps, geographic platforms, areas of influence of cities, flows and networks, tide gauge stations and geodetic system.

In its fourth year of existence, the IBGE News Agency has become one of the mostly visited pages on the IBGE website, with more than 7 million hits in 2021. With this agency, the IBGE Works to make statistical and geoscientific information more accessible to society every day, in compliance with its institutional mission pursued for the last 85 years, a period marked by great responsibility and commitment towards the nation.



IBGE releases e-book collection on Brazilian capitals for young readers



IBGE Minute - Depression


 IBGE encourages population to answer through telephone survey that portrays Brazil


IBGE Minute - Diabetes





Employment-population ratio is lower among women with children up to three years of age



Renowned professionals acknowledge the importance of enumerators

Ana Maria Braga, host of Mais Você TV show


Pedro Bial, journalist and host of Conversa com Bial talk show


Flávia Oliveira, journalist and commentator at Globonews 


IBGE releases Changes in Land Use and Cover by state between 2000 and 2018


 IBGE Minute - Vegetation Reduction


IBGE and ABDI launch Biannual Survey of Innovation


Internet reaches 88.1% of students, though 4.1 million in public network did not access it in 2019



A total of 29.1 million were affected by violence in 2019, with women, youth and black population as the main victims


Only 54.6% of the adults wore a seat belt in when in the back seat of the car in 2019


IBGE Minute - Agricultural Diversity


Environmental Information Database is updated with new functionalities


IBGE celebrates 85 years, launches 80th edition of the Brazilian Statistical Yearbook


In pre-pandemic, nearly 38% of the population had some difficulty of water supply


Atlas gathers geography and literature to depict the Brazilian coast


IBGE releases book with a catalog of more than 500 species of graminaceous plants in the Cerrado


IBGE Minute -Violence against Women


IBGE and Enap launch course on protocols against Covid-19


Number of industrial enerprises shrinks for the sixth consecutive year in 2019

 Trade loses 11% of its companies and 4.4% of the workers in five years


72.4% of Brazilians live in households that have trouble paying their bills


Households headed by white persons spend almost twice on travel and leisure than those headed by blacks or browns


One out of every four elderly persons had some time of disability according to data of 2019


Population estimated for Brazil reaches 213.3 million inhabitants in 2021


Paquetá Island (Rio) holds IBGE's first test for the 2022 Brazilian Census 


One of every five school girls has suffered sexual violence


A matter of gender: mental health indicators are worse for girls


IBGE releases database that improves Brazilian Hydrographic representation



International hack-a-ton challenges youth to find solutions in big data


IBGE releases preliminary data of Census test in Paquetá Island


Balance between open and closed enterprises returns to positive in 2019


IBGE begins national mobilization for the Census with tests in 27 Federation Units  


Almost all Brazilian city halls adopted social isolation measures in 2020


Number of municipalities with fires increases 42.9% in four years


Brazilian hub for innovation in big data is launched today in an Eclac event


Census National Test reaches Quilombola Community in Paraty (RJ)


Despite emergency benefits, 1 out of every 4 Brazilians were living in poverty in 2020


Number of black men killed by Covid exceeded that of white ones in 2020