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Federative Caravan

In Pernambuco, IBGE will participate in the eighth edition of the Federative Caravan

Section: IBGE | Vinícius Britto

April 11, 2024 10h30 AM | Last Updated: April 11, 2024 04h54 PM

  • Highlights

  • The IBGE and more than 40 public institutions will be present in the eighth edition of the Federative Caravan, which will be held at the Pernambuco Convention Center in Olinda (PE) on April 15-16.
  • It is an initiative of the Federal Government, aiming at fostering the articulation among institutions from the the three spheres of the administration, as well as at building a permanent channel of information among the federative entities.
  • In the IBGE stand, officers will attend participants, providing information on the IBGE´s geoscientific and statistical production, as well as guiding the use of dissemination tools and platforms on the Internet, like the IBGE System of Automatic Recovery (SIDRA).
  • Visitors will receive material about the IBGE and some of its surveys, like PAM, PPM, GDP of Municipalities, PAS and Population Census.

The IBGE will participate in the eighth edition of the Federative Caravan, which will be held on April 15-16 at the Pernambuco Convention Center in Olinda (PE), during the 7th Pernambuco Conference of Municipalities, carried out by the Association of Pernambuco Municipalities (AMUPE). In addition to speeches and workshops, the event will count with services provided to public managers of 184 municipalities of Pernambuco, Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha and the state administration.

Represented by a team of the IBGE Superintendence in Pernambuco, the IBGE will be available to clear doubts of the participants on the geoscientific and statistical production, guide the access to databases available on the IBGE Portal, like the IBGE System of Automatic Recovery (SIDRA) and provide information produced by the 2022 Census and other surveys.

“The AMUPE Conference has been growing and it is one of the major municipality conferences in Brazil By means of SES-PE, the IBGE took part in previous editions and considered the participation very beneficial, by narrowing the bonds with the society and the city administrations in special. With the inclusion of the Federative Caravan in the current edition, which brings the important participation of federal ministries and offices, an even larger audience is expected, providing more visibility and visits to the IBGE venue,” highlighted Gliner Alencar, the IBGE Superintendent in Pernambuco.  

Beyond getting to know the major IBGE information channels, visitors will receive a bag with notepad, pen, calendar map and institutional folders like: Newsletter PAM (Municipal Agricultural Production), Newsletter PPM (Municipal Livestock Production), Newsletter GDP of Municipalities, Newsletter PAS (Annual Survey of Services), Newsletter IBGE Educa, Quilombola People folder, Indigenous People folder, Regic (Regions of Influence of Cities) folder and We-are-more-than-200- million folder.

Federative Caravan reaches the eighth edition

The Federative Caravan is an initiative of the Special Secretariat of Federative Affairs (SEAF) of the Presidency of the Republic, which performs a key role in the coordination and integration among different levels of the administration. Its attributes include helping the Minister Head of the Secretariat of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilha, in the political articulation with federative entities, fostering the integration of these entities with the public policies of the federal administration, managing information and developing studies to improve the federative pact. To do this, it promotes the active participation of ministries and other federal offices in a joint effort to democratize the access to key services and programs.

Including the theme “Union and reconstruction for a new federative relation”, the project began in Salvador (BA) in August 2023 and then went to other six capitals with the presence of the IBGE: several public managers were attended in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) , more than 60 in Porto Alegre (RS) , 130 in Palmas (TO) , more than 210 in São Luís (MA) , more than 180 in Fortaleza (CE) and more than 60 in João Pessoa (PB) . The Pernambuco edition is the second one in 2024 and other editions are scheduled this year for the remaining Federation Units, with the participation of the IBGE as well.

In the beginning of April, the IBGE was present in the Federative Caravan in Paraíba

On April 4-5, the IBGE was present in the seventh edition of the Federative Caravan, held in João Pessoa (PB). There were more than 60 attendances accomplished by the IBGE team in Paraíba to state and municipal public managers, as well as the delivery of informative material of products like Newsletter PAM (Municipal Agricultural Production), Newsletter PPM (Municipal Livestock Production), Newsletter Vital Statistics, Newsletter GDP of Municipalities, Newsletter PEVS (Forestry Activities) and Quilombola People folder.

Federative Caravan Pernambuco

Date: April 15 and 16

Time: from 9 AM to 6 PM

Venue: Pernambuco Convention Center

Professor Andrade Bezerra Avenue, Salgadinho - Olinda, PE

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