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2022 Census

IBGE organizes workshop for public administrators, educators and students at Unidos da Vila Maria Samba School (SP)

Section: IBGE | Ralph Izumi

May 17, 2024 08h49 PM | Last Updated: May 20, 2024 06h47 PM

More than 30 people attended the technical workshop on IBGE’s digital tools, in Vila Maria (SP) - Photo: Ralph Izumi


In the opening speech, Elizabeth Hypolito, director of surveys ofthe IBGE, thanked for the audience’s presence and spoke about the importance of the workshop, which is intended to help civil society and public agents search for relevant data and information made available by the IBGE, by means of its digital tools.

Giulia Fortes during her speech in the first workshop - Photo: Ralph Izumi

After the speech, Giulia Fortes, from the Population Census technical coordination, conducted the first workshop, and introduced to the participants the following topics: what the Census is; figures of the Census operation: topics surveyed; innovations in the 2022 Census. The workshop had the objective of clearing doubts about the census survey, besides explaining the steps and methodologies adopted.

Bruno Perez during the workshop Potentialities of Data for Local Administrators - - Photo: Ralph Izumi

The second workshop was conducted by Bruno Perez, IBGE’s technician for Social Indicators, with the topic "Potentialities of Data for Local Administrators". Bruno Perez spoke about the use of data provided by the Institute, how they contribute to the formulation of public policies and spread knowledge about the social and economic reality of Brazil. In order to end this section, he explained the use of Sidra (IBGE System for Automatic Retrieval), a database with statistical tables Where data about surveys conducted by the institute are stored and displayed.

Digital platforms Census Overview and PGI were the main topics in Patricia Vida’s presentation -  - Photo: Ralph Izumi

The Directorate of Surveys (DPE) and the Directorate of Geosciences were in charge of the third workshop, entitled "Tools and forms of access to data.” It was an opportunity to show participants how to use the 2022 Census Overview and the Interactive Geographic Platform (PGI), which enable the user to search for specific topics related to the census and generate maps with layers of statistical information. Patricia Vida, assistant director of geosciences, delivered the presentation.

Therence Sarti presented the Environmental Information (BDIA) in his workshop -  - Photo: Ralph Izumi

The last presentation was delivered by Therence Sarti, DGC’s coordinator for the environment. He spoke about the Environmental Information Database (BDIA), a platform in which the user can find data about the following aspects of the Brazilian territory: Geology, Geomorphology, Pedology and vegetation.

For Monica Felispino, teaching technician of the municipal government of Mogi das Cruzes, the workshop served to consolidate and expand the discussion about concrete data, which can help public administrators in the decision making process, in the educational and health segments, among others.

Juliana Meato, who is taking a master’s in education at USP, the workshop was interesting to make people familiar with the IBGE Search tools so they can use the data available. She also mentioned the use of these data to help the government and private initiatives in the reconstruction of Rio Grande do Sul. “The data released by the IBGE will be of great help to inform how many houses were destroyed, the number of families living in each are, and other important elements for the reconstruction after all the tragedy in the South of the country.”

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