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2022 Census

IBGE will open call center as a back up for Census data collection on the Internet or by telephone

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July 25, 2022 10h00 AM | Last Updated: July 25, 2022 05h15 PM

Census agents working in the survey by telephone will help respondents fill out Census questionnaire - Photo: Cal Guimarães/IBGE News Agency

The 2022 will have an exclusive call center to clear doubts of the population during the household data collection of the greatest survey in the country, which starts next Monday, August 1st. The Census Support Center (CAC), available at the toll-free number 0800 721 81818, will have 180 census agents to help society fill out the questionnaire on the Internet or by telephone.

According to the coordinator of the IBGE’s Computer Assisted Telephone Interview, Andrea Salvador, CAC will be extremely important for citizens who choose to answer the Census online. “Our agents have been trained and are more familiar with the concepts than residents, and that can help them fill out the questionnaire.”

The 2022 Census is the first edition in which residents will have the possibility of filling out the questionnaire on the Internet. After a first compulsory visit, during which the enumerator will also record the coordinates of each address, the resident will choose to answer the questionnaire on the Internet. Then an e-ticket will be generated. It can be used within a period of seven days for online questionnaire filling.

A standard procedure is implemented in order to prevent the resident from forgetting to answer the questionnaire,” Ms. Salvador explains. “On the second day, the resident will receive a text message and an e-mail. On the fourth day, we will call and check why the persons has not started answering or, in case they have, why that was not completed, if there are any doubts or if the e-ticket was lost.”

Fi the informant insists on answering the questionnaire on the Internet, CAC will try to contact them on the sixth day. If the date expires and the questionnaire remains unanswered, the housing unit is sent back to the enumerators’ so that a face-to-face interview can be scheduled.

Another innovation in the 2022 Census is the possibility of filling out the questionnaire by telephone, a process that is also under the responsibility of CAC. After the visit for registration of address and with of at least one contact with the resident, they can choose to answer by telephone, when it will be necessary to give the agent permission so that they can fill out the questionnaire for the respondent.

“We will send a text message or an e-mail and the informant will reply with the password sent, and that will mean our agents are allowed to answer the questionnaire,” says the coordinator.

The type of help CAC can provide

Experienced and qualified agents

The quality of agent training guarantees effectiveness of the process of providing help and collecting data. A pre-requisite for the approval in the selection test was experience in call centers. After applicants were selected, the agents were trained by the IBGE staff, and only then were they considerd prepared to work in the Census.

CAC starts its operation on August 1st, the same day as household data collection for the 2022 Census. One can contact the support service team at 0800 721 8181, from 8 am to 9:30 pm seven days a week. Each one of the three work shifts will count on 60 professionals. As in all other IBGE surveys, the information given to CAC operators is confidential and will be kept secret.

To check the identity of IBGE’s enumerators and survey agents, one can call 0800 721 8181 or visit the website Answering the IBGE.


All the information collected is confidential and protected as provided for by our legislation: Law no. 5,534/68, Law no. 5,878/73 and Decree no 73,177/73. Law no. 5,534, of November 14, 1968, deals with the compulsory provision of statistical information:

The information provided will be kept secret and used exclusivelt for statistical purposes, and will not be the object of any certificate or, under ant circumstances, be used as proof in fiscal and administrative of legal proceedings, except in cases resulting from non-compliance with this law (Law 5,534/68, Art. 1, Sole paragraph).

Article 1 - All natural of legal persons under public or private law in the Brazilian law jurisdiction must provide information requested by the IBGE Foundation for the execution of the National Statistical Plan (Decree-Law no. 161, of february 13, Article 2, paragraph 2).

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