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Federative Caravan

IBGE assists more than 180 participants during Federative Caravan in Piauí

Section: IBGE | Breno Siqueira

June 20, 2024 05h10 PM | Last Updated: June 24, 2024 05h29 PM

The tenth edition of the Federative Caravan was attended by the governor of Piauí, Rafael Fonteles, minister Wellington Dias and other authorities from federal, state and municipal levels of government - Photo: Juliana Macedo/IBGE

The IBGE assisted, today, Thursday (20), participants in the Federative Caravan of Piauí, held at the Teresina Convention Center, in Cabral, a neighborhood in the state capital. With the topic “Union and reconstruction for a new Federative relation”, the event reached its tenth edition, after passing Salvador (BA), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Porto Alegre (RS), Palmas (TO), São Luís (MA), Fortaleza (CE), Recife (PE), São Luís (MA) and Macapá (AP). The Institute assisted more than 150 people on the first day of the Caravan, including public administrators, members of the academic community and social movements.

The Teresina Convention Center Auditorium was crowded during the opening session of the Federative Campaign - Photo: Juliana Macedo/IBGE

Participants visiting the IBGE stand received information about the surveys and studies produced by the Institute, and also printed material of products such as the world map with Brazil in the center of the world, and others on PAM (Municipal Agricultural Production), PPM (Municipal Livestock Survey), Vital Statistics, GDP of Municipalities, PEVS (Forestry Production), leaflets on Quilombolas, Indigenous Populations, Regic, and We are more than 200 million, besides bags, notebooks, pens and a map calendar.

IBGE assists more than 180 participants in the Federative Caravan of Piauí - Photo: Juliana Macedo/IBGE

Juliana Carneiro, Special Secretary for Federative Affairs of the Institutional Relations Secretariat (SRI) of the Presidency of the Republic, who is participating in the Federative Campaign for the first time since she took office, visited the stand and reinforced that “the IBGE has been a partner in all the editions of the Federative Campaign, and, for this reason, having them here with us makes a great difference. Many mayors ask for their participation in the event, and now, after the launch of the map with Brazil in the center of the world, that is even more true.”

Juliana Carneiro, Special Secretary for Federative Affairs of the Institutional Relations Secretariat (SRI) spoke about the importance of the IBGE during the Caravan - Photo: Juliana Macedo/IBGE

The former secretary, André Ceciliano, who joined this edition as a guest, highlighted that “it is essential to have the IBGE here, as the Institute keeps an x-ray of figures of the entire country. The data are an instrument for the execution of public policies by administrators from all over the Brazilian territory.”

The IBGE Superintendent in Leonardo Passos, said that “it is a pleasure to attend such an important event that values the Federation pact, the connection between the Federal Government, states and municipalities. The IBGE cooperates in this process of integration, as it provides data, and it is of fundamental to the growth of public policies in Piauí.”

Public administrators, academic community and social movements clear user’s doubts at the IBGE stand

Reginaldo Silva, Covenant Manager in the municipality of Barras (PI), located 120km away from Teresina, Reginaldo Silva mentioned the good relationship with the IBGE and the things he learned visiting the stand, “We have a partnership with the IBGE, and have received vehicles donated by the Institute. Today we became more familiar with the IBGE programs in our region,” he explained.

Dozens of people visited the IBGE stand during the caravan to obtain information - Photo: Juliana Macedo/IBGE

Sâmia Maranhão, manager of Scientific and Technological Development of the Piauí Research Foundation - FAPEPI, said that “the work of the IBGE is updated and vast. The world map that places Brazil in the center of the world calls a lot of attention, and the work of the Institute contributes to the update of management in our municipalities.”

Rector of the Federal Institute of Piauí (IFPI), Paulo Borges highlighted the partnership with the Institute and how the results helped the academic community of the area. “We had a partnership with the IBGE in the state of Piauí, and that helped the execution of the Census. The results are of extreme importance for the database of our Master’s program in Spatial Development and Environmental Analysis.” He explained.

Paulo Borges, rector of the Federal Institute of Piauí, mentioned the partnership with the IBGE - Photo: Juliana Macedo/IBGE

Maria Rosalina is a residente of the Tapuio Quilombola Community, in the city of Queimada Nova, Central South of the state of Piauí. As state coordinator of the Quilombola movement, she recalled the work executed in the latest census, the first one that presented data about the population living in Quilombola areas. “By means of the Superintendence of Piauí, there is a closer relationship with the Institute due to the Census and we have developed a dialogue so that the work can fulfill our expectations. The IBGE is a governmental agency that is open to deal with social movements,” Ms. Rosalina said.

Opening of the Caravan

In the opening of the event, held at the Teresina Convention Center, with an area for an audience of approximately 1200 people, authorities from the Federal and from the State of Piauí celebrated the Federative Caravan. The event started with a presentation by local artist Soraya Castelo Branco singing the National Anthem. Then the anthem of the state of Piauí was played while images were displayed on a screen.

The minister of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilha, sent a video to be watched by the audience, explaining that “this Caravan is only possible thanks to the partnership between public administrators and ministries. It is a symbolic moment to reinforce the partnership of the Federal Government with states and municipalities, to get funds for construction works in many segments in Piauí. The Caravan serves to assist each municipality and accelerate the raising of resources and Investments by means of these partnerships. It is a moment of dialogue and respect between ministers, state-owned companies banks and other public administrators.”

Besides the world map, the audience also received informative material about the Institute, about surveys such as the Municipal Agricultural Production (PAM) and Vital Statistics - Photo: Juliana Macedo/IBGE

Wellington Dias, Senator of the Republic and minister of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Combat to hunger in Brazil explained that the Federative Campaign is “a meeting opportunity for municipal and state public administrators and federative entities aiming at integration. It is time the Federal government came to Piauí to solve problems here in the state.”

The governador of Piauí, Rafael Fonteles adopted the same line of thought and added that “most of the Federal Government team attended the Federative Caravan, which has now reached its tenth edition, always committed to help public administrators in all the municipalities in Brazil.”

Federative Caravan of Piauí

The world map of the IBGE with Brazil in the center of the world was a success at the IBGE stand - Photo: Juliana Macedo/IBGE

The Federative Caravan of Piauí is formed by 34 ministries, 2 autarchies (National Fund for Education Development - FNDE and National Health Foundation - Funasa), 3 banks (Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil and BNDES) and 4 companies (Energisa, Correios, National Supply Company - CONAB and Federal Service of Data Processing - SERPRO).

The IBGE superintendent in Piauí, Leonardo Passos, received authorities at the stand - Photo: Juliana Macedo/IBGE

Closing session

On the second day, federal and state authorities made speeches at the local theater, which was crowded with an audience of approximately 1200 persons. In his talk, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva mentioned the good relationship between the Federal Government and the state of Piauí. “I am very proud of being in Piauí, not only because of the interaction with people here, but because this state has been successful and that strengthens a belief that nothing is impossible for a human being when one is really committed,” the President's visit, the IBGE did not receive more participants in its stand.


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