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Federative Caravan

IBGE finishes participation in the Federative Caravan in Pernambuco

Section: IBGE | Vinícius Britto

April 16, 2024 05h42 PM | Last Updated: April 18, 2024 07h55 PM

Superintendent in Pernambuco and IBGE servants conclude services at the Federative Caravan - Photo: Vinícius Britto

On April 15th and 16th, the IBGE participated in the Federative Caravan in Pernambuco, held at the Pernambuco Convention Center, in the Salgadinho neighborhood, in Olinda (PE), in the midst of the 7th Pernambuco Congress of Municipalities, held by the Pernambuco Municipal Association (AMUPE). The Institute provided assistance to state public managers and city halls managers of Pernambuco who visited its stand, it answered questions and started conversations about new partnerships.

“The conclusion we come is that these were two very interesting days of connection between managers and the IBGE. There were two different audiences, one from the AMUPE municipal congress, and another from the Federative Caravan, who was made of managers with varied demands, such as questions about crop surveys, as one question we received and answered to this afternoon. The experience was very positive and it was a very good opportunity to bring the Institute closer to society”, highlighted the Superintendent of IBGE in Pernambuco, Gliner Alencar.

IBGE Superintendent in Pernambuco, Gliner Alencar, recieved visitors to the Institute's stand - Photo: Vinícius Britto

Those who visited the institute's stand received guidance on IBGE surveys and studies, and, in addition to an Institute kit with a bag, pen and notebook, informative materials on products such as Brazil in Figures, booklets on PAM (Municipal Agricultural Production), PPM (Municipal Livestock Survey), GDP of Municipalities, PAS (Annual Survey of Services), PEVS (Forestry Production), IBGE Teaches (IBGE education channnel), Quilombolas Folder, Indigenous Folder, Folder about Regic (Areas of Influence of Cities), and also the 2022 Census Folder: "We are mote than 200 million".

The IBGE team continued working hard to assist managers on the second day of the Caravan

After the first day of services, the IBGE continued receiving, assisting and thinking about new partnerships with public managers who visited the Institute's stand on the second day of the Federative Caravan.

The stand received a visit from the Secretary of Planning, Management and Regional Development of the State Government of Pernambuco, Fabrício Santos, who is a civil servant of the IBGE and is temporarily assigned to the State Government.

“We had a very interesting chat with the IBGE at the Federative Caravan and we are planning to build an agenda with the governor in the coming weeks to bring some of these thoughts about the IBGE placing itself as the great protagonist it is for Brazil, even though sometimes Brazil doesn't see it. As an IBGE servant, I was very excited about these new perspectives”, highlighted the secretary.

The Secretary of Planning, Management and Regional Development and IBGE servant temporarily assigned to the local government, Fabrício Santos, during a visit to the stand - Photo: Vinícius Britto

The Superintendent of the Geological Survey of Brazil (SGB) in Recife, Hortência de Assis, took the opportunity to set new partnerships with the Institute. “In this conversation we saw that we have a very interesting interface of programs. For example, we have SGB Educa and the IBGE also has a program to educate the population about their work. We traditionally set partnership with the IBGE in surveys, whether in the coastal zone or on the continent, and after this visit we were motivated to further develop this partnership, now in the scope of education”, she celebrated.

Superintendent of Geological Survey of Brazil in Recife, Hortência de Assis intends to expand the partnership between institutions in the area of education - Photo: Vinícius Britto

“The Federative Caravan brings the Federal Government closer to state and municipal bodies, but it also brings the federal bodies themselves closer together. In this brief conversation we have already caught a glimpse of a series of actions that can be developed in partnership, such as the mapping of the gypsy people in Pernambuco and the PEBA network, which is an Interstate Health Macroregion between Pernambuco and Bahia comprising around 2 million people and 53 municipalities and was officially recognized in September last year. These mappings are important to help us develop public policies for these populations”, said the Superintendent of the Ministry of Health in Pernambuco, Rosano Carvalho.

The Superintendent of the Ministry of Health in Pernambuco, Rosano Carvalho, during a visit to the
IBGE - Photo: Vinícius Britto

“The IBGE servant helped me apply some filters on the SIDRA tables, I could see data for microregions, such as Garanhuns. We also saw data from the last Census of Agriculture, which has a range of information such as permanent crop products, those that are in shortage, whether they are from family farming or not, as well as total production, and I learned how to create visualizations and produce graphs from SIDRA. IBGE data is everything we need for the implementation of public policies in our agency, it is from this data that we are able to determine the best way to develop the region”, highlighted the representative of the Southern Rural Economic Development Agency, Kátia Marinho.

Kátia Marinho, representative of the Rural Economic Development Agency, cleared doubts about SIDRA - Photo: Vinícius Britto

Federative Caravan closes the second day in Pernambuco

After two days of attendance by the Federative Caravan in the midst of the 7th Pernambuco Congress of Municipalities, held by the Municipal Association of Pernambuco (AMUPE), the Special Secretary of Federative Affairs, André Ceciliano, closed the visit to Pernambuco at the stand of the Secretariat of Institutional Relations. Earlier, the secretary visited the IBGE team and thanked the Institute for participating in one more edition of the event.

The Special Secretary of Federative Affairs, André Ceciliano, during a visit to the IBGE stand - Photo: Vinícius Britto

More about the Federative Caravan

The Federative Caravan's main objective is to provide assistance, information and cooperation between federated entities. This is done through the active participation of Ministries and other federal bodies in a joint effort to democratize access to essential programs and services.

During the event, public managers have direct access to Ministries and local authorities, who offer personalized service. It is a unique opportunity to clarify doubts, seek support and, most importantly, to identify ways to improve the services offered in their communities. The Federative Caravan offers updated information directly from those responsible for government programs.

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