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IBGE prepares SDG indicators for Brazilian report to be presented at UN

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February 07, 2024 02h10 PM | Last Updated: February 08, 2024 01h50 PM

Photo: Márcio Costa/IBGE News Agency

In a meeting held on February 6th, the IBGE opened discussions for the year 2024 aiming at the monitoring and production of SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) indicators for Brazil. The first action is the inclusion of SDG indicators in the Volunteer National Report that will be presented by Brazil during the High-Level Political Forum, in July, at the United states headquarters.

The meeting was attended by coordinators and members of the IBGE's Production Committee of Sustainable Goal Indicators, directors and the president of the Institute, Marcio Pochmann. 

“Last year we resumed the work of this group that has been engaged in the SDGs and the IBGE is a member of this first team. The institutional mission of the Institute is to portray reality, provide data and information that will enable Brazil to produce an outstanding report that describes all the different aspects in which the IBGE can be helpful.”

Photo: Márcio Costa/IBGE News Agency

The High Level Political Forum is the central UN platform for monitoring and revision of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.  

The IBGE is the National Coordinator of SDG Indicators Production and works in partnerhip with 26 institutions that produce data at national level. According to Denise Kronemberger, IBGE's Institutional Relations Manager, beyond the discussion of the indicators Brazil will submit for the UN, the meeting was an important occasion to plan new actions: 

“It was an opportunity to discuss how to advance in the production of global indicators yet to be set, and how to invest in national, regional and municipal indicators that will be useful for public policies."  

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