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In Palmas, IBGE participates in event with the governor, servants and workshops

Section: IBGE | Wendy Becker/SDDI-TO

February 02, 2024 12h50 PM | Last Updated: February 05, 2024 07h01 PM

President of the IBGE opens Workshop with Managers from Tocantins - Photo: SES/TO collection

The president of the IBGE, Marcio Pochmann, and directors of the Institute participated in an extensive event in Palmas (TO), this Wednesday, 31st, as part of the actions to publicize the 2022 Census: Geographic Coordinates of Addresses, which included the IBGE Jalapão Expedition in Tocantins. In the capital of Tocantins, Mr. Pochmann and the IBGE board met with the state governor, Wanderlei Barbosa, and secretaries, in order to participate in a workshop for 60 state managers, and visited the IBGE Superintendence in Tocantins (SES-TO).

The day began with a workshop for public managers in Tocantins to train them in the IBGE tools - the IBGE Portal, PGI, BDIA and Sidra. The training had the support of the State Department of Planning and Budget, and was held in the auditorium of the Attorney General's Office (AGU), in Palmas. At the opening of the workshop, Mr. Pochmann highlighted the importance of the use by society of the data produced by the IBGE. “Our function, since its creation in 1936, has been to produce information from the point of view of Geoscience, Statistics, and now we want to produce more and more data. The opportunity we have here, with our colleagues, is to pass on the information that the IBGE generates and makes available to society, to socialize our information so that it becomes increasingly used, allowing us to improve public policies, at the federal, state and municipal levels”, he highlighted.

The IBGE Geography and Environment coordinator of the Directorate of Geosciences (DGC), Therence Paoliello de Sarti, presented the Institute's Environmental Database and Information (BDIA), and then the IBGE Geoinformation Production Integration Manager of the DGC, Aline Lopes Coelho, presented the tools of the Interactive Geographic Platform (PGI). The  workshop on the IBGE Automatic Retrieval System (Sidra) and the IBGE Portal, in turn, was carried out by the Tocantins Geographic Information technician, João Paulo Dantas Arantes.

For the director of Territorial and Socioeconomic Information Management at the Planning and Budget Secretariat of Tocantins, Rodrigo Sabino, the statistical geographic data generated by the IBGE are fundamental for the design of public policies, as they provide official, accurate and updated information on the reality of the country and its various regions. “These data help technicians, managers and society in general to understand the needs of the population, to identify priorities and support strategic decisions to improve the effectiveness of public policies. The training offered by the IBGE enabled the staff from Tocantins to properly deal with information, ensuring the use of data in the design and assessment of public policies”, pointed out the director.

For the economist and manager of Socioeconomic Information at the Tocantins State Planning Secretariat, Geizianne Pereira da Cunha, who was in the workshop as a participant, this was an opportunity to learn and expand the use of the Institute's tools. “We use IBGE platforms a lot to carry out our tasks, especially Sidra. Even though we are platform users, we always learn something new”, said Ms. Cunha.

President Marcio Pochmann thanked the governor of Tocantins, Wanderlei Barbosa, for his support in holding the Census publicity event in the state - Photo: State Government Collection
The president of IBGE and the board of directors were received by the governor and secretaries of the state of Tocantins - Photo: State Government Collection
The IBGE offered training to 60 state managers, with support from the Attorney General's Office (AGU), which provided the auditorium - Photo: Seplan TO Collection
Employees from the State Superintendence of Tocantins learned about the Institute's new projects and presented their demands to President Marcio Pochmann - Photo: Wendy Becker/IBGE

Meeting with the governor and visit to SES-TO

After the opening of the workshop, the president of IBGE and the IBGE Directors of Surveys, Elizabeth Hypólito, and of Geosciences, Ivone Batista, met with the governor of Tocantins, Wanderlei Barbosa, and his secretaries. On the occasion, the president of the Institute thanked the State Government for its support in publishing the Population Census Address Coordinates and offered him as a gift an IBGE kit and the book “As Expedições Geográficas do IBGE: Um Retrato do Brasil (1941 -1968)”. “We are very glad to  receive the publication of studies and coordinates here in Tocantins. The coming of Professor Márcio and of the entire IBGE team to our State is important for the numbers in Brazil throughout the year”, stated the governor.

On the afternoon of the 31st, Mr. Pochmann and the IBGE board visited the SES-TO headquarters. Mr. Pochmann spoke about the “Internal Dialogues” initiative and the construction and dissemination of the first IBGE Work Plan. “We are very committed to this perspective of participation, transparency and democracy. We have a diagnosis resulting from a great deal of internal work.” For the president of the Institute, it is important to highlight the role that IBGE has played in the country, and, in this sense, “2024 is a key year for IBGE to go further, from the point of view of establishing the Institute's central role in building of the National Geosciences, Statistics and Data System, coordinated by the Institute”, he stated.

Superintendent Paulo Ricardo Amaral stated that the visit is a great opportunity for SES-TO to be heard by the president and directors and to be able to organize the dissemination of the Census Address Coordinates. “We are honored by the work that has been proposed to us. Our branch is small, but we put a lot of effort into carrying out the Census and now into publishing the resulting data, this set of events, and showing our commitment to the institution”, concluded Mr. Amaral.

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