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IBGEeduca releases comics about the IBGE Jalapão Expedition in Tocantins

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February 01, 2024 03h00 PM | Last Updated: February 02, 2024 02h40 AM

IBGEeduca launched on its online platforms a comic book about the IBGE Jalapão Expedition in Tocantins, which will take place on the 1st and 2nd of February, departing from the city of Palmas, capital of the state, towards Ponte Alta do Tocantins, where the Jalapão Park is located. The story is about William, an eight-year-old boy that show his friends Pedro and Bel, from São Paulo and Boa Vista-RR around the place. He presents information about the population and the natural beauties of the location.

The portal is an initiative by the IBGE to bring the Institute closer to younger populations. Renata Corrêa, manager for educational affairs, gives details about the material: “What we have in mind is a group of characters, and we try to make children more interested in our activities and content. By means of playful projects, our objective is to promote the institutional image of the IBGE among children. In this respect, we consider that there are children wo are part of the IBGEeduca team all over Brazil.” Renata.

In Tocantins, the Institute releases the 2022 Census: Geographic Coordinates of Addresses. Other expected releases are the IBGE Workshop, BDIA, PGI and the Sidra Portal for local managers, and the first edition of IBGE 90 External Dialogues. President Marcio Pochmann will also pay a visit to the IBGE Superintendency in Tocantins (SES-TO).

More about IBGEeduca

IBGEeduca is an education-related portal on the IBGE website , having three groups as its target public: children, teenagers and teachers. It presents material about the Brazilian territory and its population based on information provided by the Institute

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