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Federative Caravan

IBGE assists more than 210 participants in Federative Caravan in Maranhão

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November 28, 2023 11h54 AM | Last Updated: December 10, 2023 09h23 PM

Flávio Dino, Minister of Justice, receives a media kit from IBGE servants

The federal government’s Federative Caravan visited Maranhão and provided assistance to more than 2.6 thousand attendees in its fifth edition, on November 23 and 24. Held at the Center for Trading of Handmade Products (Ceprama), in capital São Luís, the Caravan had the participation of more than 39 federal agencies. The IBGE, represented by the State Superintendence of Maranhão (SES/MA), assisted more than attendees on the two days of the event. Representatives of 217 municipalities in the state were there to clear doubts, obtain information and foster partnerships with the federal government.

The IBGE stand was visited by mayors, city councilors, secretaries, coordinators, and servants from a number of municipalities. The Institute has a “great variety of information to provide municipalities with projections about local reality,” said Marcelo Virgino de Melo, IBGE superintendent in Maranhão.

According to the mayor of Caxias, Fábio Gentil, a visit to the IBGE stand is important to explain not only the data collected about the municipality, but also its historic relevance to society. “With the data presented we can try to obtain major resources, and thus, to do our job as managers. These are relevant data and, above all, real data to be used by the government,” stated Mr. Gentil.

André Ceciliano, Secretary for Federative Affairs, is welcomed by IBGE servants
Elisa Pellegrini, Coordinator of the Federative Caravan, together with the IBGE team and other participants
Carlos Brandão, Governor of Maranhão, visit the IBGE stand
Fábio Gentil, Mayor of Caxias, with the IBGE/MA superintendent, Marcelo de Melo, and other servants from the Institute
During the Federative Caravan, dozens of people have doubts on Statistics and Geosciences cleared at the IBGE stand

Services provided

The IBGE provided information to visitors about its surveys and tools: 2022 Census, Survey of Basic Municipal Information (MUNIC), IBGE Teaches and IBGE System of Automatic Retrieval (SIDRA). At the end of the assistance, each visitor received a kit with material about Other IBGE surveys, such as: Municipal Agricultural Survey (PAM), Municipal Livestock Survey (PPM), Forestry Production (PEVS), vital Statistics and GDP of Municipalities.

The participation of the Institute has built a channel for the dialogue with municipal and state administrators, according to the coordinator of the event, Elisa Pellegrini. “Our presence is extremely significant to what we want as a governmental product. There is nothing better than approaching municipalities to present public policies, indicators, in order to show what is really needed to guarantee quality of life for the population. Having the IBGE, a solid institution, at your door, seeking knowledge and portraying reality is really good.”

Fifth edition of the Federative Caravan

According to data released by the Government of Maranhão, more than 350 employees from 40 federal agencies and around 180 representatives from municipalities - which corresponds to 82% of the 217 municipalities in Maranhão - attended the event. Among the federal agencies, there were 34 ministries, three banks – Caixa Econômica, Banco do Brasil and BNDES – plus four autonomous public corporations and foundations - INSS, Codevasf, FNDE and Funasa.

With the theme “Unity and reconstruction towards new federative relations”, the Caravan passed through São Luís (MA), Salvador (BA), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Porto Alegre (RS) and Palmas (TO). The next edition is scheduled to happen in the state of Ceará. According to the Minister of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilha, the Caravan aims for "the resolution and the rapprochement between states to ensure the implementation of public policies within the federal government," he emphasized.

To André Ceciliano, the Secretary for Federative Affairs of the Secretariat of Institutional Relations of the Presidency of the Republic, the event focuses on solving problems. "We are here to solve the pending issues of an agreement, or even to foster a program with non-repayable federal funds that the mayor has not had access to yet", highlighted the secretary.

Besides the municipal representatives, the Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, the Governor of Maranhão, Carlos Brandão, Senator Eliziane Gama, and state and federal deputies were also present at the IBGE stand.

Overall figures*

178 Municipalities represented
21 Vice-mayors
03 Federal Deputies
22 State Deputies
411 Secretaries
3506 registrations made
2318 credentials issued
2612 services provided by participating agencies
*Data released by the Minister of Institutional Relations

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