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Trade sales change by 0.4% in October and record cumulative increase of 1.7% in the last three months

Section: Economic Statistics | Irene Gomes

December 08, 2022 09h00 AM | Last Updated: January 02, 2023 10h49 PM

Furniture and household appliances (2.5%) and Office, computer and communication equipment and material (2.0%) led trade towards positive results - Photo: Helena Pontes/IBGE News Agency

Volume of sales of retail trade in the country changed by 0.4% after recording an increase of 1.2% in September. Against October 2021, there was an increase of 2.7%, third consecutive positive result. In the year, the sector recorded a cumulative increase of 1.0%, and, in the last 12 months, it changed 0.1%, first positive figure in 5 months. These results come from the Monthly Survey of Trade, released today (September 8) by the IBGE.

In extended retail trade, which includes vehicles, motorcycles, parts and pieces and construction material, volume of sales in October changed by 0.5% from September and 0.3% from October 2021.

“In the last four months, three results wrre stable – July (-0.2%), August (0.2%) and October (0.4%) – an increase of 1.2% in September. Although we are very close to stability, considering the positive results in the last three months, we observe an increase of 1.7%,” says Cristiano Santos, manager of the survey. 

In the result of October against September, five of the eight activities surveyed were positive: Furniture and household appliances (2.5%), Office, computer and communication equipment and material (2.0%), Other personal and domestic articles (2.0%), Fuels and lubricants (0.4%) and Hypermarkets, supermarkets, food products, beverages and tobacco (0.2%).

Three activities recorded decrease in volume: Pharmaceuticals, medical and orthopedic articles and perfumery (-0.4%), Textiles, apparel and footwear (-3.4%) and Books, newspapers, magazines and stationery (-3.8%).

“Since 2020, Black Friday has not been so concentrated in only one day, because companies now offer sales and discounts. We have seen this in October, mainly in the case of Furniture and household appliances and Office equipment and material. That is also related to some adjustments in thepositions of the activities that recorded a reduced increase afer the pandemic and adopted two strategies for discounts,” Mr. Santos explains.

He also highlights that, in the activity Office, computer and communication equipment and material, there is considerable influence of the dolla: “in October there was appreciation of the real, which helped in the supply of these products.”

Among the decreases, we can mention Books, newspapers, maganizes and stationery, an activity that increased with the restart of in-class courses and now has a compensation of this increase. /p>

Also, relevant activities such as Hyper and supermarkets and Pharmaceuticals were close to stability and end up holding the indication leading to an overall view of stability.”

As for extended retail trade, both activities recorded decreases from in the September-October comparison: Vehicles and motorcycles, parts and pieces, with -1.7% and Construction material, with -3.5%.

“Construction material has fallen in the last few year because it was at a high level after the pandemic and the reduced prices have made up for them. Vehicles also recovered partially: there was significant increase in August, due to a repressed demand brought by the renewal of fllets in companies and reflecting the pace of decrease of gasoline prices,” the manager says.

In terms of level, the result of August is 2.9% below the record level of October 2020 and 3.4% above the pre-pandemic level (February 2020).

“This pace has had extremely different results, with a minimum in March/21 (-8.3%), then a maximum figure in August/21 (-0.2%), followed by another minimum result in December/21 (-8.3%) and a maximum in May/22 (-2.6%), a new minimum in July/22 (-4.6%), an now we area at -2.9%. This difference has decreased, but it is still volatile.”

Trade increases in the interannual comparison, third month of increase

The PMC released today also shows that, in comparison with October 2021, retail trade increased by 2.7%, third consecutive month of decrease.

Five activities recorded increases: Fuels and lubricants (34.2%), Books, newspapers, magazines and stationery (13.6%), Ofice, computer and communication material and equipment (8.1%), Pharmaceuticals, medica, orthopedic articles and toiletries (5.2%) and Hyper and supermarkets, food products, beverages and tobacco (2.6%).

The three sectors that fell in the interannual comparison are: Furniture and household appliances (–0.5%) and Other personal and domestic articles (-8.5%) and Textiles, apparel and footwear (-14.8%).

As for extended retail, both activities recorded decreases: Vehicles and motorcycles, parts and pieces (-0.7%) and Construction material (-12.7%)./p>

Retail sales increase in 15 Federation Units between September and October

From September to October, 15 Federation Units recorded increases, with a highlight to Amapá (5.1%), Roraima (2.1%) and Acre (2.0%). Accounting for negative results, there were 10 Federation Units, mainly Paraíba (-6.8%), Rio Grande do Norte (-1.3%) and Tocantins (-0.9%). Pernambuco and the Federal District were stable (0.0%) from September to October 2022.

From October 2021, 22 Federation Units recorded positive results. The main ones were in: Roraima (31.3%), Amapá (23.4%) and Roraima (16.4%). Five Federation Units accounted for negative contributions. The highlighst were: Tocantins (-3.8%), Bahia (-1.6%) and Rondônia (-1.2%).

More about the survey

PMC produces indicators to monitor the short-term behavior of retail trade in Brazil, investigating the gross revenue of formal enterprises with 20 or more employed persons and whose major activity is retail trade.

Having started in 1995, the PMC brings monthly results of changes in sales volume and nominal revenue for retail trade and extended retail trade (cars and construction material) for Brazil and Federation Units. The results are available at Sidra.

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