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Quarterly Livestock Surveys

Slaughter of chickens drops in Q2, but slaughter of cattle and of hogs and pigs increases

Section: Economic Statistics | Carlos Alberto Guimarães

August 11, 2022 09h00 AM | Last Updated: August 12, 2022 05h15 PM

With 1.49% billion head, slaughter of chickens fell by 3.4% in Q2 - Photo: Agência Brasil

According to the preliminary results of the Statistics of Livestock Production, released today (11) by the IBGE, slaughter of chickens fell by 2.0% and that of cattle and hogs and pigs increased by 2.7% and 6.6%, respectively, against the same period a year ago. The complete results for Q2 2022 and for the Federation Units will be released on September 6th.

According to preliminary data, the number of cattle head slaughtered was 7.32 million, whereas the total hogs and pigs and chickens slauhtered amounted to 14.00 million and 1.49 billion, respectively. Against Q1 2022, cattle slaughter increased by 5.2%, slaughter of hogs and pigs by 5.2% and chicken slaughter fell by 3.4%.

In the second semester this year, the preliminary result of cattle slaughter indicates a production of 1.93 million tonnes of carcasses, 2.3% more than in the same quarter a year ago, with an increase of 5.1% in relation to the amount registered in Q1 2022.

The cumulative weight of the carcasses of hogs and pigs was 1.30 million tonnes in the Q2 2022, consisting of increases of 6.0% compared with the second quarter of 2021 and of 4.5% in relation to the immediately previous quarter.

The weight of chicken carcasses was 3.63 million tonnes. In the annual comparison, this total represented an increase of 0.6%, but it meant a decrease of 3.7% from the immediately previous quarter.

Production of eggs and acquisition of milk decrease

In the 2nd quarter of 2022, acquisition of raw milk by establishments under some kind of sanitary inspection (federal, state or municipal) was of 5.39 billion liters, representing a decrease of 7.7% in comparison with the volume produced in the same period a year ago and a decrease of 8.6% against the immediately previous quarter.

Production of hen eggs reached 992.44 million dozen, which corresponds to a decrease of 0.6% in the annual comparison and an increase of 1.6% against Q1 2022.

The tanneries investigated in the Quarterly Survey of Leather – those in charge of at least 5,000 whole pieces of cattle rawhide per year – reported to have received 7.41 million whole cattle rawhide pieces in the second quarterthis year. This amount was 2.0% smaller against the same period in 2021, but 4.0% bigger in relation to the immediately previous quarter.

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