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Costs of construction rise 18.65% in 2021, highest rate in nine years

Section: Economic Statistics | Alerrandre Barros

January 11, 2022 09h00 AM | Last Updated: January 11, 2022 04h06 PM

Costs of construction material impacted on the index along the year - Photo: Simone Mello/IBGE News Agency

Released today (11) by the IBGE, the National Index of Civil Construction (Sinapi) decelerated to 0.52% in December, the lowest rate in 2021. Even so, the cumulative index in the year hit 18.65%, increasing 8.49 percentage points in relation to 2020 (10.16%), the highest rate in the time series with exemption, started in 2013. In December 2020, the index had been 1.94%.

The national cost of construction, by square meter, rose to to R$1,514.52 in December, from which R$910.06 were relative to materials and R$604.46, to workforce. In November, the cost had been R$1,506.76.

The parcel of materials stayed at 0.76% in December, recording a significant drop over the previous month (1.66%) and over December 2020 (3.39%). Having registered 0.15% and no collective work agreements, the parcel of workforce maintained the level when compared with the previous index (0.18%) and with December 2020 (0.18%).

The cumulative result in 2021 rose 28.12% in material, whereas the parcel of the cost related to the expenses with workforce hit 6.78%. In 2020, the parcel of material closed at 17.28% and workforce, at 2.33%.

“The first semester of 2021 recorded monthly indexes impacted by the rises registered in the parcel of material, showing two out of three major changes in the time series: June (2.46%) and July (1.89%). The rates began to decelerate in the second semester, reflecting a lower pressure of the parcel of material, which started to record lower values than in the previous months and in the second semester of 2020, except for July 2021. Products from the segments of steel and cement and mortars, which significantly rose in the first semester, decelerated in December and, in some states, registered small drops,” analyzes Augusto Oliveira, manager of Sinapi.

The North Region reported the highest regional change in December (0.81%), with the parcel of material rising in all the states. The other regions recorded the following figures: 0.66% (Northeast), 0.32% (Southeast), 0.53% (South) and 0.61% (Central-West).

The South registered the highest figure for the cumulative index in 2021 (19.43%), followed by the Central-West (19.23%), Southeast (19.11%), Northeast (18.07%) and North (16.80%).

The regional costs per square meter in December were R$1,506.36 in the North, R$1,418.32 in the Northeast, R$1,572.22 in the Southeast, R$1,594.85 in the South and R$1,503.31 in the Central-West.

With the rise in the parcel of material, Tocantins reported the highest rate for the last month of the year: 1.61%. In the cumulative index in the year, Mato Grosso do Sul was the state with the highest rate (24.47%), also recording the highest rate in the cumulative index of the parcel of material (34.81%).

More about SINAPI

The National System of Costs Survey and Indexes of Construction – SINAPI, a joint production of IBGE and Caixa Econômica Federal – Caixa, aims at producing monthly series of costs for the housing sector, and monthly series of median wages for labor force and median prices for materials, construction machinery and equipment and services for the basic sanitation, infrastructure and housing sectors.

SINAPI statistics are fundamental in investment programming, especially for the public sector. Prices and costs support the preparation, analysis and assessment of budgets, while indices enable the updating of expense values ​​in contracts and budgets. Please access the data on Sidra.

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