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Novel Coronavirus

IBGE gathers hotsite with data of surveys and partnerships to fight against Covid-19

Section: IBGE | Alerrandre Barros

April 15, 2020 11h00 AM | Last Updated: April 15, 2020 04h38 PM

New hotsite to fight against Covid-19 gathers data for decision taking of health offices - Photo: IBGE

The IBGE launched a hotsite that gathers the actions that it has been taking to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, a disease caused by the new coronavirus. The page makes available results of surveys, information on partnerships with other public offices, changes in the routines and projects during the period of social distancing. The content can be directly accessed on or through the IBGE Portal.

For example, the hotsite makes available results of surveys that have already been delivered to the Ministry of Health and Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - Fiocruz, such as the preliminary data about population displacement to cities looking for health services and records of deaths in Brazil in 2019.

"The hotsite gathers key data for decision taking by health offices to fight against the disease. Although this information is also available in other pages of the IBGE portal, they were now gathered in a single place to streamline the access by citizens who are interested to know how the IBGE has been acting to control the virus," said Cimar Azeredo, deputy director of Surveys.

Users can also follow the development of PNAD Covid, a survey focused on monitoring the disease caused by the new coronavirus. As a new partnership between the IBGE and Ministry of Health, the survey will investigate new cases of influenza in Brazil, as well as Major Regions and Federation Units.

In addition, the IBGE will standardize existing registers of the Ministry of Health based on the National Address List for Statistical Purposes - CNEFE. Other data and maps are being produced by the IBGE to drive public policies to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the economy.

The new hotsite also provides information about changes in IBGE projects and internal routines: the postponement of the Census to 2021, suspension of on-site price collection to calculate the inflation, measured by the IPCA and INPC, as well as household data collection by phone to Continuous PNAD, which measures unemployment.

"We created a responsive hotsite, available for every device, which concentrates on its home page all the information that can be easily and quickly viewed by users. It will be regularly updated with new data and news on IBGE actions to support the fight against the virus," said Leandro Albertini, manager of IBGE´s Online Services.

Interactive data

Also in this month, the hotsite will receive an interactive page, including maps and panels developed with geographic and statistical data produced by the IBGE directorates of Geosciences and Surveys, as well as information of surveys provided by partner institutions, like Fiocruz.

"Users will find vulnerability indexes, where the populations that need assistance are located, such as those who live in subnormal agglomerates, indigenous communities and quilombolas. We will also make available data on the concentration of elderly people in cities, the capacity of hospital care, the amount of equipment, beds and intensive care units", told Rafael March, IBGE´s coordinator of Geomatics, the area responsible for geo-processing technologies.

According to him, the information can be filtered by municipality, which will help local health offices to plan their actions to fight against Covid-19. The virtual environment is being developed with ArcGIS, a geographic information software, whose license was provided to the IBGE and other survey institutions around the world, to release information on the fight against the virus.

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