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IBGE's podcast 'Minuto IBGE' reaches its first hour

Section: IBGE | Maria Heloisa Azevedo and Matheus Ruas, estagiários sob supervisão de Mônica Marli

October 07, 2019 02h00 PM | Last Updated: October 10, 2019 11h17 AM

The podcast 'Minuto IBGE' (IBGE Minute) has reached 60 issues on the air and completes more than an hour of weekly radio programs lasting nearly one minute, always bringing curiosities and relating the data produced by the institute with the population's daily lives.

With a new issue every Monday, the IBGE Minute is available for free to radio stations across the country through the National Radio Network.

Plenitude FM, a local radio in Recife (PE), is one of the partner stations that uses the IBGE product in its schedule.


“The IBGE Minute broadcast has always a place  in Plenitude’s schedule. It is my great pleasure to spread it here from Recife”, says the radio announcer Ozéas Fidelis, congratulating the IBGE Minute for its 60th edition.

The first IBGE Minute broadcast was called “Extreme Points”, and challenged the audience to name the Brazil’s Northernmost and Southernmost points. Since then, the broadcast has approached a number of topics as education, unemployment and social inequality.

In this week's edition, the IBGE Minute talks about the presence of cats and dogs in the households. The topic is investigated in the National Health Survey (PNS), aiming at finding out whether those animals are vaccinated. The PNS is one of the IBGE’s surveys on the field nowadays.

The IBGE Minute was first released in 2018, during the celebration week of the IBGE’s 82th anniversary and of the 1st anniversary of the IBGE News Agency  and of the Retratos magazine. The broadcast was interrupted during the 2018 election period, in compliance with the normative instruction of the Federal Government.

All editions are also available on the IBGE News agency, and in a subtitled version, on the YouTube.

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