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Dress rehearsal for 2020 Census begins this week in MG and more seven states

Section: IBGE | Pedro Renaux

October 01, 2019 10h00 AM | Last Updated: October 01, 2019 04h37 PM

#PraCegoVer censitário entrevistando um morador no portão de casa
Enumerator interviews resident during data collection of 2010 Census - Photo: Licia Rubinstein/IBGE News Agency

The data collection of the housing units of the dress rehearsal of the 2020 Census begins today (October 1st) in Poços de Caldas (MG), concentrating the tests of the questionnaire and of all the infrastructure needed for the 2020 Population Census. Nearly 180 enumerators will visit more than 60 thousand housing units of Poços de Caldas up to December 2.

The dress rehearsal will also be carried out in other seven states, focusing on the assessment of the data collection in high-income condos, slums, improvised dwellings, quilombola and indigenous lands and households with persons who do not speak Portuguese.

It is expected that the visits will begin next Thursday (October 3) in Poços de Caldas. The latest guidelines will be passed on to the field teams along the next two days and the mobile data collection devices, smartphone-like devices, will be loaded.

"The data collection should begin today in the other localities, since they will be carried out by survey and mapping agents previously hired. In Pernambuco, for instance, we are planning a face-to-face meeting today with the equipment and then head into the field", explained Luciano Tavares, the technical manager of the 2020 Census.

Areas in the municipalities of Bujari (AC), General Sampaio (CE), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and São Paulo (SP) will be visited by the enumerators along October, as well as indigenous lands in Jatobá, Tacaratu and Petrolândia (PE). On the other hand, the dress rehearsal in quilombola lands of the municipalities of Restinga Seca and Porto Alegre (RS), and in some areas of Juiz de Fora (MG), will be carried out up to November 25.

The informants can check the identity of all interviewers through the Respondendo ao IBGE website or phone 0800 721 8181.

Residents can also answer the Census through Internet

As the Brazilian population is more and more connected, the data collection through the Internet is one of the bets of the 2020 Census. During the dress rehearsal, residents of Poços de Caldas can answer to the survey directly through the Questionário 2020 website. Those interested in this alternative should ask the enumerator a code and a password to access the online questionnaire.

Even before the visit of the enumerator, the population of Poços de Caldas received a letter between September 21 and 29 with a code and a password to answer the questionnaire online. The housing units that correctly participate in this step will not be visited anymore.

"We received answers from 2,317 housing units of the 64 thousand sent in this first period, which represents 3.6% of the answers. It was slightly above the test made in March, when we received 2.9%. It was a result within the expectation", assessed Tavares.

By the end of the test of the data collection on December 2, the housing units not contacted by the enumerators will receive a letter with information for a last attempt to fill the questionnaire through the Internet.

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