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Industrial output retreats 0.2% in May, drops in 18 of 26 activities

Section: Economic Statistics | Eduardo Peret

July 02, 2019 09h00 AM | Last Updated: July 11, 2019 12h29 PM

 Industrial sector cumulates drop of 0.7% in the first five months of the year - Photo: Marcelo Benedicto/IBGE News Agency

The national industrial output decreased by 0.2% in May, compared with April, but it advanced 7.1% in relation to May of 2018 (truckers' strike's month), the most intense increase since April last year. The results are from the Monthly Survey of Industry, released today by the IBGE. The industrial sector cumulates a drop of 0.7% in the first five months of 2019.

 The changes’ profile in the industrial output in May remained quite varied, with negative rates in 18 of 26 activities from one month to the other, the most disseminate result since May last year. Comparing with May of 2018, there were 21 activities with positive results.

 The manufacture of vehicles was the highlight, which dropped by 2.4% in comparison with April, but increased 37.1% in relation to May of the previous year. According to the survey manager, André Macedo, the truckers’ strike, in May of 2018, caused a negative effect that reached a huge part of the industry, creating a low comparison base, with emphasis in the cars and trucks output.

 “This reflects in the activities widespread profile with the increase in the inter-annual comparison, and also in the positive result of the vehicles industry. On the other hand, comparing with April, the scenario still presents a low dynamic, giving back a considerable part of the rate of 0.3% recorded last month”, explains the survey manager.

 Mining in Pará recovers some of the losses caused by the weather

 Among the positives results from April to May, mining and quarrying industry advanced 9.2%, recovering some of the 25.6% of cumulative losses from the first four months of the year. Part of this result was due to the resumption of the iron ores output in Pará, which had suffered with delays in April created by adverse weather conditions.

 Another important positive impact onthe sector came from petroleum products and biofuels (3.2%), that ceased with two consecutive months of drops and had been accumulating -4.9%.

 “This month advances were mostly concentrated on the intermediate goods category, that is, raw materials used by the industry itself, group that advanced 1.3%, whereas consumer goods had dropped in this period”, concludes André.

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