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IBGE into the field

Continuous PNAD examines population's habits in tourism for the first time

Section: Special Series | Pedro Renaux

July 08, 2019 01h30 PM | Last Updated: July 10, 2019 12h45 PM

The first release on tourism habits is expected for mid-2020 - Photo: Eduardo Peret/IBGE News Agency

The Continuous National Household Sample Survey (Continuous PNAD)  is going into the field today (8) in order to collect data on the population's habits in tourism for the first time. For the next three months, two thousand data collection agents from the IBGE will be visiting 210 thousand dwellings to obtain information on travel destinations,  length of trips, type of accommodation and expenses of families. 

The survey was conceived is partnership with the Ministry of Tourism in accordance with recommendations from the World Tourism Organization. The first release is expected for mid-2020, and will consider information collected in one semester only, as explained by the Continuous PNAD analyst, Flávia Vinhaes.

“In the first collection in Q3 2019, we are going to see what improvements can be made. We plan to make the necessary changes and go into the field once more in the beginning of 2020 and then collect data throughout the year”.

International travels have been surveyed by ministry since 1983, but only in 1998 did domestic tourism only become part of those studies, but yet without a definite frequency. According to the general coordinator of Studies and Surveys of the Ministry of Tourism, Daniel Vieira, IBGE's participation will increase the quality of data on the domestic tourism segment. 

“Our estimate considers at least 200 million trips per year, and the domestic market accounts for at least 95% of the consumption. We are going to have a much better view from the work now in progress in the Continuous PNAD”, Daniel Vieira says, adding that the latest data provided by the ministry of the domestic demand are of 2012.

Another partnership between the IBGE and the Ministry of Tourism was the Accommodation Survey (PSH), which identified 31.3 thousand establishments in the accommodation chain and a total 2.4 million beds in 2016. Considering such information, Mr. Vieira highlights that the survey will provide answers to those who sustain the tourism market.

“Brazil is number five in the world in terms of number of establishments and number six regarding bedrooms. That is a major economic activity. Who sustains that?  As for the international demand, we receive 6.6 million tourists from abroad every year, but they are not the ones sustaining the whole tourism economy”. 

Besides providing more detailed information on the population's behavior in national and international travels, this new survey topic will contribute to the construction of our satellite tourism-account, one of the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


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