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Production decrease in São Paulo and Pará pulls domestic industry back in March

Section: Economic Statistics | Adriana Saraiva

May 08, 2019 09h00 AM | Last Updated: May 08, 2019 10h03 AM

Nine of the 15 surveyed places had decrease in the production in March - Photo: Marcelo Benedicto/IBGE News Agency

The 11.3% drop in the industry in pará and of 1.3% in the Industry in São Paulo, in March, were the main influences on the -1.3% result of the domestic industry, according to the Monthly Survey of Industry – Regional Production, released today by the IBGE.

Survey Manager Bernardo Almeida explains that the iron ore extraction represents nearly 86% of the total result of Pará. “Due to the high concentration in that activity, the results of the state are sensitive to the production oscillations”, he says.

In São Paulo, the industry of motor vehicles recorded decrease due to the rain in March which flooded companies’ yards in the ABC Area of São Paulo, hindering production, and due to the strikes. “There was also an anticipation of production to February, since Carnival was in March this year”, emphasizes Bernardo.

Bahia (-10.1%), Northeast Region (-7,5%), Mato Grosso (-6,6%), Pernambuco (-6.0%), Minas Gerais (-2.2%) and Ceará (-1.7%) also had bigger reductions than the national average (-1.3%), whereas Amazonas (-0.5%) closed the set of places with negative changes in March. Espírito Santo (3.6%), Rio de Janeiro (2.9%) and Goiás (2.3%) recorded the sharpest advances this month.

“The industry result has been determined by the high level of unemployment and by the political environment, which end up making business investments and family consumption slow down”, concludes the survey manager.

Industry loses dynamism in 10 of the 15 places surveyed in the quarter

In the first quarter of the year, the industry dropped by 2.2%, intensifying the decrease of 1.2% in the fourth quarter of 2018. Ten of the 15 places surveyed lost dynamism between the last two quarters. The highlights are Espírito Santo (from 3.6% to -8.5%), Pará (from 9% to -0.7%), Bahia (from 2.6% to -3.5%), Rio Grande do Sul (from 8.8% to 5.5%), Minas Gerais (from 0.4% to -2.5%), the Northeast Region (from -1.6% to -4.4%) and Mato Grosso (from -2.5% to -5%).

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