February 07, 2019 | Last Updated: February 07, 2019 11:59:43 AM

Alterações toponímicas

IBGE updates names of 8 municipalities in geographic and statistical databases

Section: Geosciences

Paraty (RJ) had its name updated in the IBGE´s database in 2017 - Photo: Licia Rubinstein/IBGE News Agency

The IBGE released on Thursday (7) a list of the municipalities that had their names updated in the Institute´s geographic and statistical databases, such as the Brazilian National Spatial Data Infrastructure - INDE and the Statistical Tables Database - Sidra. The updates of the 2018 version of the Legal Toponyms of the Brazilian Municipalities were registered in Manissobal (PE), Caripós (PE), Santa Maria da Boa Vista (PE), São José do Belmonte (PE), São Bento do Una (PE), São Lourenço (PE), São Luiz do Paraitinga (SP) and Serrita (PE).

The list also shows the adjustments made by the IBGE in 2017, like the case of Santarém (PB), which changed its name to Joca Claudino, and other cases in which names were added, like in Embu (SP), which became Embu das Artes. Merely orthographic changes also took place, like in Parati (RJ), changed to Paraty, addressing an old claim of the city residents. 

Everything began after the orthographic rules of the Brazilian Portuguese have changed, which replaced "y" by "i" in words like Paraty, then shown on the maps as Parati. Angry with the change, the residents forced the reintroduction of the "y" in the name of the city, which only happened after a local law approved it in 2007.

Stories like this point out that it is not by chance that the name of a place is written in a specific way. The story on "geographic names" will show it in the next edition of the Retratos magazine.

Reporter: Camille Perissé