December 04, 2018 | Last Updated: December 04, 2018 10:37:15 AM

Industrial production

Industry changes 0.2% in October after three months of negative results

After three months in a row of fall, the industrial production had a change of 0.2% in October over September, and accumulated a growth of 1.8% in the year. In relation to October 2017, the high was of 1.1%, according to the Monthly Survey of Industry (PIM-PF), disclosed today by the IBGE.

Even with the positive result, it is not possible yet to speak of recovery, as explains the survey manager, André Macedo: “the result was quite close to stability and was insufficient to offset the losses seen in the three previous months”.

Among the sectors that most influenced October's growth, the highlight is mining and quarrying industries, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, and trailers and bodies and beverages. The ones that most held back the result were food products, basic metals and coke, petroleum products and biofuels.

Sugar decrease leads food sector to fourth drop in a row 

In Ocotber, the food sector closed the fourth consecutive month of decrease and accummulated a drop of 8.4% between July and Ocotber this year. According to André, sugar is the main product to have driven the sector down in this period.

"Because of more attractive prices, ethanol has outdone mills, which has resulted in a drop in sugar production at the expense of biofuel. So much so that growth is seen in the sector of fuels, in parallel with the decline in the food sector ", says the manager.

Reporter: João Neto
Image: Licia Rubinstein/Agência IBGE Notícias
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