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Federative Caravan

IBGE launches workshop for public administrators during Federative Caravan of Piauí

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June 20, 2024 05h00 PM | Last Updated: June 21, 2024 01h24 PM

As part of the actions promoted by the IBGE during the Federative Caravan in Piauí, public administrators in the state will have the chance to participate, free of charge, in a workshop entitled "Public policies in the digital era: Mastering IBGE data."

The Federative Caravan of Piauí is being held on June 20 and 21, in Teresina, capital of the state. It will be visited by President Lula and other government members. The IBGE has a stand at the place and will provide a number of services there.

A workshop for Piauí

The workshop "Public policies in the digital era: Mastering IBGE data" will take place on July 05 (Friday), from 8 am to noon, remotely, as a 4 hour class given by means of the Distance Learning platform of the IBGE’s National School of Statistical Sciences (ENCE/IBGE). Technicians from the IBGE headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, from the Center for Information Documentation and Dissemination (CDDI/CEON), and from the IBGE Superintendence in Piauí will be in charge of the workshop.

The target audience of the workshop includes municipal and state administrators, such as mayors, secretaries, legislators, assistants and advisors in any fields, for example: administration, law, health, security, education, agriculture and so on. Participants must have a high school degree.

The aim of the workshop is to prepare the administrators to use intelligence tools available in SIDRA (IBGE’s System of Automatic Retrieval), a platform that allows users to search data by different topics, generate graphs, cartograms and charts, among other functionalities. The data can refer to the state, municipality or area of origin, with the combination of data and indicators; the system also allows automatic search with online results, departing from specific interests and challenges in each location.

In this workshop the IBGE will show, besides SIDRA, Other channels on the website, with economic, social, health and agriculture indicators, and also products that can be downloaded freely or purchased at low costs, as it is the case of printed works. A total of more than 500 releases and events are made available every year, and most of them are streamed online.

The workshop " Public policies in the digital era: Mastering IBGE data " was born from the necessity of providing states and municipalities with information and services, which is the basis of Federative caravans, an initiative of the Ministry of Institutional Relations, an initiative the IBGE always takes part in.

Leonardo Passos, IBGE Superintendent in Piauí, highlights that “the workshop will teach administrators how to handle data, and that will help in the development of more assertive and straightforward public policies.”

Participants will have a certificate granted by ENCE, IBGE’s National School of Statistical Sciences, which has been for more than 70 years a center of excellence with undergraduate, graduate, master’s and doctoral courses, ranked at CAPES with a high rate and also internationally acknowledged, and having educated thousands of administrators and researchers.

Free registration will be open from June 24 to June 28, at the IBGE Virtual Shop:

Note: Registration will be open until the vacancies (300) are completed.

"Public policies in the digital era: Mastering IBGE data"
The workshop will take place on July 05, from 8 am to noon.
Registration: June 24-28..
On the IBGE Virtual Shop:

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