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IBGE opens São João de Meriti Branch in Parada de Lucas (RJ)

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June 14, 2024 02h44 PM | Last Updated: June 17, 2024 05h43 PM

In Parada de Lucas, Marcio Pochmann, President of the IBGE, opens São João de Meriti Branch and visits Ramos Branch - Picture: Marcio Costa/ IBGE News Agency

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) opened the São João de Meriti Branch this Thursday (13) at the Parada de Lucas unit, northern zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Aiming at reducing costs and at optimizing IBGE resources, the branch, previously located in Nova Iguaçu, was transferred to Parada de Lucas and it will comprise 24 officers. This unit also includes Ramos Branch and soon it will include Duque de Caxias Branch.

After unveiling the inauguration plaque, Marcio Pochmann highlighted the importance of moving to Parada de Lucas. "This space is symbolic, as it housed the largest print shop in Latin America. Housing here different branches allows us to reduce IBGE costs with rental, resulting in more resources to do our job. As the print shop will come soon, we are providing more possibilities to recover this space," stated the President.

In the visit, the President spoke in the branch - Picture: Marcio Costa/IBGE News Agency

Besides Pochmann, Flávia Vinhaes, IBGE Executive-Director, José Francisco Teixeira, Superintendent in Rio de Janeiro, and Mario Steves Rodrigues, Head of the São João de Meriti Branch, participated in the event, among other IBGE representatives.

The IBGE is moving towards using their own buildings to allocate officers and carry out their activities, explained Vinhaes. "Moving the [Meriti] branch to Lucas helps not only economically, with the reduction of rental, but also improves work conditions," added the Executive-Director.

President of the IBGE, Executive-Director, State Superintendent in RJ, Head of the São João de Meriti Branch and an officer visit the new branch Picture: Marcio Costa/IBGE News Agency

São João de Meriti Branch is responsible for collecting IBGE surveys in four municipalities: Nilópolis, Belford Roxo, Mesquita and São João de Meriti. According to the head of the branch, Mario Steves da Costa Silva, moving to Lucas allows a better logisitc planning for the surveys, as well as to address more efficiently the needs of these municipalities. "We are located in a strategic place as the branches here have easy access to their data collection sites."

According to José Francisco Teixeira, the São João de Meriti Branch was conceived in the "Networks" project and it was operating in Nova Iguaçu and brought to the Lucas Complex for cost reasons. "Cost reduction, optimization of resources, use of idle spaces and, mainly, the security and confort of our officers are among the advantages of moving the branch.

Besides opening the São joão de Meriti Branch and visitng the Ramos and Duque de Caxias branches, the President of the IBGE also visited the IBGE print shop, where a mini-doc on the history of some IBGE officers was broadcast.  The Lucas graphic complex recently received a graphic machinery that was in the Canabarro unit, causing an integration process that is optimizing the production and distribution of the IBGE graphic material, producing an economy and a productive synergy, explained Ednalva Monte, the Coordinator of Graphic and Editorial Production. "The unification of the print shops is unveiling results beyond expected. The production is flowing faster and improving the quality of the work, as well as the harmony of both teams.

The President also visited the IBGE print shop in Parada de Lucas - Picture: Marcio Costa/IBGE News Agency

Pochmann also talked with officers of the IBGE Directorate of Geosciences allocated in Parada de Lucas, as well as with officers of the Center for Information Documentation and Dissemination who also work in this unit.

Officers of the São João de Meriti Branch and the Ramos Branch host the President and the Executive-Director in Lucas - Picture: Marcio Costa/IBGE News Agency

Branch Networks

The IBGE counts with 27 State Superintendencies and 576 branches in the entire country to collect the surveys and attend users. In addition to the São João de Meriti Branch, the Lucas Complex also houses the Ramos Branch and soon it will house the Duque de Caxias Branch, which is being refurbished and will open in the coming months.

The Ramos Branch was created before the pandemic and is housed in Parada de Lucas for three months. "We count with officers who work in the economic surveys and workers who go out to collect the National Household Sample Survey (PNAD)," stated Edson Passos de Souza, Deputy Head of the Ramos Branch.

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