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IBGE issues note on public disaster faced by the state of Rio Grande do Sul

Section: IBGE

May 06, 2024 07h43 AM | Last Updated: May 08, 2024 10h50 AM

The board of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the IBGE State Superintendence in Rio Grande do Sul and its 26 branches empathize with thousands of victims of the worst climate disaster in the history of the state.

In this devastating scenario, the IBGE, in support to the initiatives and actions developed by the Federal, State and Municipal administrations, coordinated by the Civil Defense, is granting its vehicles to the State administration, through the Civil Defense, to improve the support to the population. The 36 heads of branches were asked to provide the 2022 Census data to the municipal administrations, useful to more precisely size the population hit by the disaster.

The IBGE branches in the cities of Cachoeira do Sul, Canoas, Canela, Caxias do Sul, Lajeado, Novo Hamburgo, Porto Alegre, Santa Cruz do Sul, Santa Maria, São Jerônimo, São Leopoldo, Taquara, Veranópolis and Viamão have many municipalities of their jurisdictions with large flooded areas, landslides and blocked roads. The IBGE board, through the State Superintendence, establishes the temporary suspension of the data collection of the surveys in the affected areas until the improvement of the weather condition, allowing to resume a safe field work.

IBGE officers who live in the affected areas, many of them with interruptions of the water and electricity supplies, are asked to keep them and their families in safety. Other officers are asked, whenever possible, to maintain their activities in home office. The IBGE board, through the IBGE Superintendence in Rio Grande do Sul, asks the head of the branches to follow up and update the situation of the municipalities.

The IBGE board will analyze the information collection in the state along the following days, especially focusing on national releases, and will assess the possibility of extending the data collection period for some surveys, as well as of additional measures to help the population and the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and will make them public soon.

For more information, please contact email or phone +55 (51) 3778-5112.

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