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Federative Caravan

IBGE concludes services at the Federative Caravan in Amapá in the presence of Indigenous persons and representatives of city halls

Section: IBGE | Victor Vidigal

May 03, 2024 05h29 PM | Last Updated: May 08, 2024 03h44 PM

SES/AP assisting visitors at the Federative Caravan in Amapá

The IBGE Superintendency in Amapá (SES/AP) participated in the eighth edition of the Federative Caravan, taking place on May 2nd and 3rd, at the Fazendinha Exhibition Park, in Macapá (AP). The event featured services and assistance provided to public managers from the 16 municipalities of Amapá and the state government.

Represented by the SES/AP team, the IBGE was available at the Caravan to clear participants' doubts about statistical and geoscientific production, to provide guidance on access to databases available on the IBGE portal, such as the IBGE System of Automatic Retrieval (SIDRA), and to disseminate information produced from the 2022 Census and other surveys.

“There were two days of dissemination to public managers of the work carried out by the IBGE, providing information on how to access SIDRA and obtain relevant data for city halls. The Federative Caravan comes precisely to reinforce IBGE's communication with the external public, which is essential for public managers to understand the country's reality and formulate appropriate public policies”, highlighted the Superintendent of IBGE in Amapá, Haroldo Ferreira.

Artisan Zuleika Dos Santos with IBGE officials at the Federative Caravan in Amapá

Artisan Zuleika Dos Santos, from the Galibi-Marworno ethnic group, Kumarumã village, in Oiapoque, participated in the Federative Caravan as a guest at the IBGE stand and could see some of the results of the 2022 Population Census on Quilombolas and Indigenous Persons, by sex and age.

"It is very important to have access to this data that helps us represent our social indicators and think in a guided way about actions that help combat social and economic problems that traditional peoples historically face", claimed the Indigenous woman.

Representatives from the municipality of Itaubal receive guidance from IBGE officials at the Federative Caravan in Amapá

In addition to getting to know IBGE's main information channels, those who visited the Institute's stand received a bag with a pad, pen, a calendar map and survey and institutional folders, including: Newsletters of PAM (Municipal Agricultural Production), PPM (Municipal Livestock Survey), Municipal GDP, PAS (Annual Survey of Surveys), IBGE Educa Information, Quilombolas Folder, Indigenous Peoples Folder, Regic (Areas of Influence of Cities) Folder, and also the Census Folder "We are more than 200 million".

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