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IBGE highlights actions directed at municipalities in General Meeting of Brazil’s National Front of Mayors (FNP)

Section: IBGE | Bruno de Vizia

April 18, 2024 03h45 PM | Last Updated: April 19, 2024 01h49 AM

The IBGE participated, yesterday, April 18, in the 86th General Meeting of the National Front of Mayors (FNP), held in the city of Ribeirão Preto, state of São Paulo. Represented by its president, Marcio Pochmann, the IBGE joined the discussion on “IBGE actions directed at municipalities”, which presented the actions performed by the Institute aiming at the development and implementation of public policies based on data and surveys, and the tools provided by the IBGE for consultation by city administrators.

Together with Pochmann in the discussion were Edvaldo Nogueira, mayor Aracaju (SE) and president of the FNP, Ricardo Nunes, mayor of São Paulo (SP), Duarte Nogueira, mayor of Ribeirão Preto (SP) and Professor Elcione, mayor of Igarassu (PE).

“The opportunity for a dialogue with this group of mayors strengthens the IBGE in the exercise of its institutional mission, regarding both production and dissemination within the National System of Geosciences, Statistics and Data (SINGED). A modern tool, which helps mayors face the challenges posed by the administration of cities. It is a crucial step towards the city governments represented by the National Front of Mayors,” said Pochmann.

“The work carried out by the IBGE is of fundamental importance in Brazil, as the data collected by the Institute serve to help administrators work more effectively on the solution of problems and on the planning of new actions. Therefore, we see this partnership with the IBGE as essential for Brazilian cities,” stated Edvaldo Nogueira, president of the FNP.

General Meeting of the FNP

  Founded in 1989, provided for by Law 14,341/2022, the FNP is present at all the capitals and municipalities with more than 80 thousand residents, inhabited by two thirds of the population. Held Every semester, the General Meetings make it possible for mayors of capitals and of medium-sized and big cities to discuss the main topics demanding federal coordination. Other participants in the meeting were vice mayors, federal deputies and experts in the topics discussed.

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