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Federative Caravan

IBGE starts rendering assistence in the Federative Caravan in Pernambuco

Section: IBGE | Vinícius Britto

April 15, 2024 07h18 PM | Last Updated: April 18, 2024 07h58 PM

Mayor of Ipojuca, Célia Sales, visited the IBGE stand and received informative material of the institute - Photo: Vinícius Britto

This Monday, the 15th, the IBGE provided its first services at the eighth Federative Caravan, held at the Pernambuco Convention Center, in the Salgadinho neighborhood, in Olinda (PE). With the theme “Unity and reconstruction for a new federative relationship”, the event has already taken place in Salvador (BA), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Porto Alegre (RS), Palmas (TO), São Luís (MA), Fortaleza ( CE) and João Pessoa (PB), this being the second edition in 2024. The Caravan takes place during the 7th Pernambuco Congress of Municipalities, held by the Pernambuco Municipal Association (AMUPE).

The IBGE Superintendent in Pernambuco, Gliner Alencar, evaluated the first day of services as positive and highlighted that, on the second day, the IBGE stand should be even busier. “The event has been very beneficial for the IBGE in terms of publicizing the Institute's products, especially the informative materials we brought, which were very well received by visitors. The first day was divided between the opening, meetings between managers and visits to the stands, and it was very important in this sense for the mayors, as it could be a unique opportunity to hold a meeting with these authorities. Tomorrow we will have a full day and we hope to receive many visitors in our stand”, comments Mr. Alencar.

IBGE Superintendent in Pernambuco, Gliner Alencar, participated in the assistance to public managers - Photo: Vinícius Britto

Public managers visited the IBGE stand on the opening day of Caravana

On the first day of services, those who visited the institute's stand received guidance on IBGE surveys and studies, and, in addition to an Institute kit with a bag, pen and notebook, informative materials on products such as Brazil in Figures, booklets on PAM (Municipal Agricultural Production), PPM (Municipal Livestock Survey), GDP of Municipalities , PAS (Annual Survey of Services), PEVS (Forestry Production), IBGE Teaches (IBGE education channnel), Quilombolas Folder, Indigenous Folder, Folder about Regic (Areas of Influence of Cities), and also the 2022 Census Folder: "We are mote than 200 million".

“My secretary and I came to see the IBGE stand and check the data on the population, especially the elderly population. Knowing people’s profiles as a whole is extremely important for our area of activity. They showed us how to access the website and consult data from the Census and IBGE surveys to search for the data that interests us in our work”, stated the president of the Tourist Guides Union, Marcolina Maria Silva.

President of the Tourist Guides Union was assisted by IBGE servants - Foto: Vinícius Britto

IBGE researcher, Márcia Carneiro, exemplified the service by mentioning two of the demands of managers who visited the IBGE stand. “They wanted to consult data on the elderly population in the Metropolitan Area of Pernambuco. I showed how they can see this data in SIDRA, as well as the variables, such as level of schooling and other indicators that will help their research on social vulnerability”, she comments.

Márcia providing services at the Institute's stand on Caravan's first day - Photo: Vinícius Britto

Opening of the Congress of Municipalities and the Federative Caravan

The opening of the 7th Pernambuco Congress of Municipalities and the Federative Caravan took place at the Guararapes Theater and was attended by several authorities, including the governor of Pernambuco, Raquel Lyra, the mayors of Recife and Olinda, João Campos and Professor Lupércio, the ministers André de Paula, from Fisheries and Agriculture, and Luciana Santos, from Science, Technology and Innovation, and the Special Secretary for Federative Affairs, André Ceciliano.

Governor Raquel Lyra highlighted the relevance of the partnership between federative entities and municipalities. “I have always spoken about the importance of getting the government closer to the people. Even when they are from different parties, with divergences on some points, it is the mayors who listen to the population on a daily basis, who are aware of their most urgent needs. Therefore, you should take advantage of this moment to form partnerships, agreements and find ways to obtain resources for investments that will change people’s lives”, she pointed out.

The governor of Pernambuco, Raquel Lyra, in the opening of the Pernambuco Congress of Municipalities and the Federative Caravan - Photo: Vinícius Britto

“The Federative Caravan is a unique moment for mayors and municipal secretaries to seek partnerships with the more than 30 ministries that are present and learn about new federal government programs. As for myself, I can only thank everyone who helped in the organization of this event”, declared André Ceciliano.

Special Secretary for Federative Affairs, André Ceciliano highlights the opportunity that managers have to learn about new government programs - Photo: Vinícius Britto

Federative Caravan reaches its eighth edition in Pernambuco

The Federative Caravan in Pernambuco has the participation of more than 30 ministries and takes place in the midst of the 7th Pernambuco Congress of Municipalities, held by the Pernambuco Municipal Association (AMUPE). In its eighth edition, the event is an initiative of the Special Secretariat for Federative Affairs (SEAF) of the Presidency of the Republic, which plays a fundamental role in coordination and integration between the different levels of government.

Its responsibilities include assisting the Chief Minister of the Secretariat of Institutional Relations, in political articulation with federative entities, promoting the integration of these entities into the federal government's public policies, managing information and preparing studies to improve the federative pact. To this end, it promotes the active participation of Ministries and other federal bodies in a joint effort to democratize access to essential programs and services.

The first day offered provision of services and technical assistance at the stands for public managers from the 184 municipalities of Pernambuco, the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago and the state government.


Monday (04/15):

10:30 am – Opening ceremony at Teatro Guararapes
12:30 pm to 6:00 pm – Services at the Caravan Pavilion

Tuesday (04/16):

9am to 5pm – Services at the Caravan Pavilion
5pm – Closing Ceremony at the Secretariat of Institutional Relations' stand

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