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Federative Caravan

IBGE finishes its participation in the Federative Caravan in Paraíba with more than 60 assistances rendered

Section: IBGE | Breno Siqueira

April 05, 2024 05h52 PM | Last Updated: April 11, 2024 02h26 PM

IBGE assists municipal managers at its stand - Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

On April 4th and 5th, the IBGE participated in the Federative Caravan in Paraíba, at the João Pessoa Convention Center, in the capital of Paraíba. At its stand, the Institute provided more than 60 assistances to state and city hall public managers in Paraíba, in addition to presenting its informative materials on products such as PAM (Municipal Agricultural Production), PPM (Municipal Livestock Production), Vital Statistics, GDP of the Municipalities, PEVS (Forestry Production) and Quilombolas (a folder).

The Special Secretary for Federative Affairs, André Ceciliano, highlighted the importance of the Institute's work in an event such as the Federative Caravan. “IBGE’s presence in the Federative Caravan is very important, bringing knowledge and accurate information to municipal administrators,” said Mr. Ceciliano.

Cícero Lucena, mayor of João Pessoa, defined the Institute's work as essential for the management of João Pessoa and the other 223 municipalities in Paraíba. “The IBGE is fundamental in disseminating information that helps us with planning and actions to improve people’s quality of life,” said Mayor Lucena.

Mayor of João Pessoa, Cícero Lucena spoke of the essential role of the IBGE in the management of the municipality - Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

Visiting the Institute's stand, the former mayor of João Pessoa and current state deputy of Paraíba, Luciano Cartaxo, recalled the long-standing relationship he has with the Institute. “I have great esteem for the work of IBGE since the time I was a councilor, when we worked together in a law that determined the 64 neighborhoods of João Pessoa, facilitating the work of the Census in this city. This is a fundamental body in the elaboration of public policies, making a portrait of Brazil”, explained Mr. Cartaxo.

State deputy Luciano Cartaxo talked about his long partnership with IBGE/ Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

The IBGE Superintendent in Paraíba (SES-PB), Roberto Beato, explained that “it is an opportunity to strengthen ties with city halls, we can see how they are becoming more professional in the management of municipalities, very interested in our work. We are can see a revolution in public management”, said Mr. Beato.

Assistance to public managers

Secretary of Culture of the city of Marí (PB), 70 km away from João Pessoa, Manuel Oliveira, declared to be surprised with the "IBGE Educa", a channnel for teachers and students. “I came here to check the number of households in my city and left excited to learn about an IBGE product that I had never imagined existed, a modern educational work. IBGE Educa left me delighted to learn that the Institute has created an educational model that could impact the country”, said Mr. Oliveira.

Manuel Oliveira, Secretary of Culture in Marí (PB), spoke of his surprise meeting the IBGE Educa - Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

Ana Medeiros is a member of the Health Department in Junco do Seridó (PB), a city 50 km away from João Pessoa, she learned about the functionalities of SIDRA (Automatic Retrieval System, which brings together data from different IBGE surveys) and explained how it impacts in her service. “To analyze health data in our municipality, we used the Cidades (cities) platform, but today we know a range of options, such as SIDRA, which generates cartograms and dynamic tables, and this will help a lot in our work process”, said Ms. Medeiros.

Ana Medeiros is a member of the Health Department in Junco do Seridó (PB) - Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

Secretary of Social Assistance in Caraúbas, a municipality located more than 400 km away from the capital of Paraíba, Myllena Fernandes, cleared her  doubts about the new territorial division of her municipality. “With this new Census, we had territories that were divided and were allocated to neighboring cities. The IBGE helped us understand how this division of territories was carried out. Now these answers will be passed on to the population of Caraúbas”, explained Ms. Fernandes.

Myllena Rodrigues cleared her doubts about the municipality of Caraúbas (PB), where she is a member of the Health Department - Photo:Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

IBGE assists 2022 Census enumerator in João Pessoa

In addition to serving public managers, the IBGE also helped Matheus Oliveira, now an intern at SEBRAE and enumerator at the Institute during the 2022 Census. He talked about what the work was like at the time and about having contact with the Institute again years later. “I worked for three months in subnormal areas, places with harsher realities. It was a unique opportunity to see reality and how the poorest population needs public policies, carried out based on data released by the IBGE. Coming back now, I analyze how important the work was and how it is now recognized”, said Mr. Oliveira.

Matheus Oliveira was an IBGE enumerator in the 2022 Census - Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

More about the Federative Caravan

The Minister of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilha, said that the Federative Caravan is “an action to bring the Federal Government closer to municipalities. There are more than thirty ministries here together, all the public companies here too. We had more than two thousand people assisted in this event, with solutions negotiated between the ministries and the municipalities, resuming agreements”.

Minister of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilha, stated that the Federative Caravan is a chance to bring the Federal Government and Municipalities closer together

João Azevêdo, governor of Paraíba, highlighted the chance that the Federative Caravan provides to shorten distances between public bodies and municipal managers. “It is an opportunity for municipalities to solve problems, this contact with the bodies is essential. We have already had more than two thousand assistances in this Federative Caravan and a great chance to resolve some issues”, said Mr. Azevêdo.

The event is an initiative of the Federal Government, through the Secretariat of Institutional Relations of the Presidency of the Republic, with a focus on bringing the government closer to states and municipalities, through the exchange of information and articulation of joint actions with public managers.

With the theme “Union and reconstruction through a new federative relationship”, the event reached its seventh edition with the participation of 35 ministries, 6 local authorities (FNDE, FUNASA, INCRA, INSS, CONAB and CODEVASP), 4 banks (Caixa Econômica Federal , Bank of Brazil, BNDES and Northeast Bank) and 4 companies (Energisa, Correios, National Supply Company - CONAB and Federal Data Processing Service - SERPRO). As a whole, there were 2681 accreditations and 1662 services provided to participating bodies and companies.

IBGE provided more than 60 consultations in this Federative Caravan in Paraíba

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