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Federative Caravan

IBGE welcomes and assists users at the Federative Caravan in Paraíba

Section: IBGE | Breno Siqueira

April 04, 2024 05h00 PM | Last Updated: April 10, 2024 01h46 AM

The IBGE received, last Thursday (4), the first visitors to its stand at the Federative Campaing in Paraíba, held at João Pessoa Convention Center, in Cabo Branco, eastern area of the state capital. With the theme: “Union and reconstruction for a new federative relation”, the event has now its seventh edition, after passing through Salvador (BA), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Porto Alegre (RS), Palmas (TO), São Luís (MA) and Fortaleza (CE). Paraíba is the first location receiving the Caravan in 2024.

Visitors to the institute's stand received guidance on the IBGE's surveys and studies, as well as informative materials on products such as PAM (Municipal Agricultural Production), PPM (Municipal Livestock Survey), System of Vital Statistics, Gross Domestic Product of Municipalities, PEVS (Extraction and Forestry Survey), Quilombola Population, Indigenous Population, Regic Folder, and We are more than 200 Million, in addition to bags, notebooks, pens and a map-calendar.

Local managers are served at the IBGE stand at the Federative Caravan - Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

João Azevedo, governor of Paraíba, was one of the visitors to the IBGE stand, emphasizing how crucial it is to have this event in the city of João Pessoa. "It's essential to be together with those who demand the service, and those who do that are the municipalities and entities like the IBGE. Bringing all federal agencies and ministries here is extremely important to produce results", explained Mr. Azevedo during the visit.

João Azevedo, governor of Paraíba, visits the IBGE stand alongside the Superintendent of IBGE-PB, Roberto Salgado - Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

Cícero Lucena, mayor of João Pessoa, who also visited the IBGE stand at the Caravan, stated that "the exchange and sharing of experiences among municipal managers are increasingly important to improve actions and fulfill the obligations of public entities. The search for partnerships is fundamental to minimize the difficulties of this process", emphasized the mayor.

Mayor of João Pessoa, Cícero Lucena, received the informational material from the IBGE from the hands of Roberto Salgado (SES-PB - Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

The Superintendent of IBGE in Paraíba (SES-PB), Roberto Beato, emphasized that the caravan, "in addition to the services provided to public managers, also made possible the strengthening of relations among SES-PB and other agencies present at the Caravan, highlighted especially by the visit of the governor and the mayor, who made a point of visiting our stand," Beato highlighted.

According to Jorge Souza Alves, Head of the Dissemination Information Section (SDI) at SES-PB, the Federative Caravan "is a moment of contact with municipal public managers, aimed at informing them that there is a section dedicated to the dissemination of statistical and geoscientific research from the IBGE, showing what the Institute produces and the best way to access the data through our platforms”.

Public administrators

One of the public managers that visited the Institute's stand, Robério Burity, mayor of Ingá (PB), a city located 97 km from the capital João Pessoa, mentioned two services provided by the Institute which help him in his work. "The IBGE provides a very important tool called Cidades, which has the information on all municipalities, helping us in our planning. It is also an agency that provides information on whether small farmers are eligible for the Garantia Safra insurance ", said Burity.

Robério Burity, mayor of Ingá (PB), highlights the work of the IBGE in the municipality that he governs - Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

The head of office of the city of Malta (PB), located 300 km from João Pessoa, Kadmo Oliveira, received assistance to address the results about the streets of his city. "When the IBGE conducted the Census, some municipalities were requested to modify the names of the streets and coordinates. I was informed that they will still disclose the enumeration areas and mapped streets. Our municipality is small and did not carry out this detailing", explained the head of office.

Kadmo Oliveira, chief of staff of Malta (PB), is assisted by the IBGE team - Photo:

Luiz Carlos, fishing manager at the Municipality of Cabedelo (PB), located in the metropolitan area of João Pessoa, requested data on the number of fishermen in the municipality. "The IBGE has information about the number of companies, but I came to inquire about the data on the workers, which is very important for our city."

Luiz Carlos, fishing manager of Cabedelo (PB), addressed the number of fishermen in the municipality - Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

Caravan opening

At the event's opening, held at the Pedra do Reino Theater, authorities from the Federal Government and the State of Paraíba celebrated the carrying out of the Federative Caravan. André Ceciliano, Special Secretary for Federative Affairs, emphasized that "this is the seventh Federative Caravan and it is important to show that the federative pact has returned, with the Federal Government increasingly close to the states and municipalities. There are 34 ministries present here, in addition to autarchies, banks and other public bodies, so that we are close to the mayors, secretaries, seeking to make agreements and enable resources".

At the opening, authorities from the Federal Government and local managers delivered speeches at the Pedra do Reino Theater - Photo: Vitória Melo (SES-PB)

The Minister of Sports, André Fufuca, explained that the Federative Caravan "is a moment of reconciliation and closeness, but mainly, of taking actions. Politics is made through dialogue and actions that happen when there is debate”.

Federative Caravan in Paraíba

The Federative Caravan in Paraíba features the participation of 34 ministries, 2 autarchies (National Fund for Education Development - FNDE and National Health Foundation - Funasa), 3 banks (Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil, and BNDES), and 4 companies (Energisa, Correios, National Supply Company - CONAB and Federal Data Processing Service - SERPRO).

In its seventh edition, the event is an initiative of the Federal Government through the Secretariat of Institutional Relations of the Presidency of the Republic, focusing on bringing the government closer to states and municipalities through the exchange of information and coordination of joint actions with public managers. The first day featured the provision of services and technical assistance at the stands for the 223 municipalities in Paraíba and state managers.

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