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Interactive totem

Students from Ponte Alta do Tocantins visit first IBGE interactive totem in a post office

Section: IBGE | Wualisson da Silva

March 14, 2024 01h55 PM | Last Updated: March 18, 2024 08h22 PM

Students of Odolfo Soares State School, in Ponte Alta do Tocantins, use the IBGE interactive totem in class

The students of Odolfo Soares State School, in Ponte Alta do Tocantins, had an unusual Geography class last Tuesday (12). They visited the city post office where the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) has placed one of the interactive totems made available in February.

The device, which grants access to information produced by the Institute, was the main tool used in the class given by teacher Luan Aires Lacerda. The students could explore data about the country’s population by using the 2022 Census Overview, one of the platforms available in the interactive system.

The teacher’s objective was to help students have a tactile experience with the totem. “The connection with the content and the topics studied in class makes students more interested in the search for official data”, said Ms. Lacerda.

Gabriela Dias Reis, one of the students attending the interactive class, was happy to have this opportunity: “The totem search ends up being another means to learn. There we found interesting information that will help us have more knowledge.”

The Post Office superintendent in Tocantins, José Luiz da Cunha Filho, reinforced the positive aspect of the partnership between the institutions. “It is a privilege to receive the first interactive totem at hinterland town branch in Tocantins. Our duty of providing postal services, and of disseminating information regarding the work of the IBGE, is being fulfilled,” said Mr. Cunha Filho.

According to servants from the IBGE Branch, the schedule of visits includes other schools and the local population. The post office is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm for those who want to pay them a visit.

IBGE Jalapão Tocantins Expedition

The opening of the totem area at the post office in Ponte Alta do Tocantins, on February 2, was the final activity schedules for the IBGE Jalapão Expedition, which started in Palmas, capital of the state, on the previous day, with a number of partner institutions.

The initiative was aimed at evoking memories of the great expeditions carried out by the IBGE all over the country. A list of events were scheduled for this purpose and that includes the unprecedented partnership with the Post Office in Brazil.

In his closing speech, Marcio Pochmann, president of the IBGE, mentioned the importance of this partnership, so that the ones who need to use postal services end up having access to the totem. “There are more than one billion data available in our systems. The residents who get to the post office will have the chance of exploring possibilities while they wait for a service to be completed, or they can come here only to search for information.”

The director of the economic and financial, technology and information security department of the Brazilian Post Office, Maria do Carmo Lara Perpétuo, praised the cooperation between the two institutions and named them “giants in citizenship”. “We are happy to receive the first totem, mainly because we are a town in the state hinterland. Both of our institutions have credibility and work closely with Brazilian citizens all over the country.”

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