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President Marcio Pochmann delivers inaugural lecture for ENCE's Master's and Doctoral courses

Section: IBGE | Breno Siqueira

March 12, 2024 02h55 PM | Last Updated: March 15, 2024 08h49 AM

New ENCE professors attend inaugural lecture given by President Marcio Pochmann - Photo: Breno Siqueira/IBGE News Agency

President Marcio Pochmann gave the inaugural lecture for the Master's and Doctoral courses of the IBGE's National School of Statistical Sciences (ENCE), this Monday, 11th, at the Teixeira de Freitas Auditorium, located on General Canabarro St, Maracanã, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

The lecture was entitled “Brazil’s challenges in the second quarter of the 21st Century”. In addition to Pochmann, the General Coordinator of ENCE, Paulo Jannuzzi and the Postgraduate Coordinator of ENCE, Angelita de Carvalho, were present, as well as the group of 12 master's students, 10 doctoral students and IBGE civil servants, who attended the lecture either in person or online via YouTube.

President Marcio Pochmann addresses the challenges of the second quarter of the 21st cenutry - Photo: Breno Siqueira/IBGE News Agency

Mr. Pochmann welcomed the new ENCE professors and made a historical analysis not only of the Institute, but of Brazil and the world. “The School emerges at a political moment in the country that aimed at the medium and long term planning. I look back at the origins of ENCE because it is always linked to thinking about the future, and at this moment, there is a difficulty in Brazil in analyzing what lies ahead in the country”, said Mr. Pochmann.

The president of the Institute also highlighted IBGE's mission in the country and the learning chance given to new students. “You have a very rich opportunity, which few postgraduate students have in Brazil, which is the availability of information surveyed by the IBGE. The Institute is the great repository of this country's information. We know where the population lives, who these people are, their profile. The information that the Institute produces allows us to describe reality, and provides support for public policies. It is a privilege to be in this House, a public institution, maintained by the Brazilian people”, stated Mr. Pochmann.

ENCE's postgraduate coordinator, Angelita de Carvalho, explained the future goals for ENCE and its postgraduate programs. “The president's presence here today shows that, although you are not civil servants, you are also part of the IBGE. It is not only a time to welcome you, but also to start the activities of the school year. We need to define the direction of our program for the 90 years of the IBGE, the 30 years of the postgraduate program. And this discussion will not just concern teachers, we want the collaboration of all students”, commented Ms. Carvalho.

Angelita de Carvalho, ENCE's postgraduate coordinator, welcomed the new students - Photo: Breno Siqueira/Agência IBGE Notícias

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