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IBGE debates SDGs, statistics for regional integration and inclusion at the 55th Session of the UN Statistical Commission

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February 28, 2024 04h55 PM | Last Updated: March 01, 2024 04h25 PM

On day one of the 55th Session of the UN Statistical Commission, the IBGE delegation participated in debates on the SDGs - Photo: IBGE Collection

On the first day of the 55th Session of the UN Statistical Commission, held in New York City, in the United States, the delegation from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) participated and promoted debates on topics such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG ), Latin American regional integration and inclusion and representation in global forums of statistics. The IBGE is represented at the event by its president, Marcio Pochmann, by the Director of Surveys, Elizabeth Belo Hypólito, by the manager at the Research Center, of the National School of Statistical Sciences, Andrea Diniz da Silva and by the civil servant of the Directorate of Geosciences, Claudio Stenner.

Led by the president of the IBGE, Marcio Pochmann, the event “Better data for better children's lives: reimagining the National Statistical Systems through a child centered approach” was attended by representatives from statistical institutes of Canada, Mexico, USA and Italy.

This parallel event to the 55th Session had as its main purpose to discuss with the statistical institutes of the G20 countries the perspectives of data related to children and adolescents for the final years of the SDG commitments for the development of National Statistical Systems. Another point discussed was to bring together potential participants for a future event to be held by the G20 in Rio de Janeiro, focused on the production of data on children and adolescents, mainly data related to early childhood.

The IBGE delegation also participated in the Statistical Conference of the Americas: Information Meeting. The meeting was coordinated by the director of the Statistics Division of ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, a UN regional commission), Rolando Ocampo, and by the president of the Statistical Conference of the Americas (SCA), and general director of the National Statistics Office of the Dominican Republic, Miosotis Rivas Peña. At this event, the SCA work plan for the 2024-2025 biennium was presented, as well as the 13 working groups approved at the last SCA meeting and an overview of the countries' participation in the groups.

At the SCA meeting, there was a debate on the importance of having a regional agreement for the proposed creation of an independent consultative group to monitor the application of the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics in the countries of the region. Morevoer, a proposal to expand the number of SCA representatives, in support to the expansion and autonomy of the area in the allocation of vacancies, was developed.

Meeting of the IBGE delegation with ambassador Sérgio Danese, Brazil's representative at the UN - Photo: IBGE Collection

The Meeting at the Brazilian Mission in the scope of the United Nations was attended by Ambassador Sérgio Danese, Head of the Mission, and aimed at aligning IBGE's participation in the 55th Session of the UN Statistical Commission. At this meeting, a draft resolution, prepared by the UNSC, making the Commission more representative and inclusive and the related work of the United Nations Statistics Division were discussed.

Among the events with the participation of the IBGE delegation, another highlight was the meeting with the directors of the National Statistics Offices of Argentina and Uruguay, in which issues related to the Mercosur Specialized Meeting on Statistics - REES were addressed, such as defining the date of the next meeting, which will be held in Paraguay, the work of the commissions, a new version of the Mercosur Community Statistical Plan and the creation of a new Working Group on the use of technologies, new sources of statistical information, geosciences and innovation.

For the president of the IBGE, Marcio Pochmann, the events and debates on the first day of the 55th Session of the UN Statistical Commission contribute to strengthening official statistics in terms of credibility and trust in the democratic regime.

Participation in the event organized by the IBGE and Unicef on statistics on children, adolescents and young people - Photo: IBGE Collection

“In the midst of the Digital Era, the United Nations has strived to ensure an increasingly integrated and paired system of statistical data related to the multiple dimensions of human knowledge”, stated Mr. Pochmann, adding that “the revitalization of statistical principles and best methodological practices aims at increased production of knowledge of reality by the national statistical offices.”

Marcio Pochmann represented the IBGE in the 55th Session of the UN Statistical Comnission - Photo: IBGE collection

Follow the broadcast of the meeting of the 55th Session of the UN Statistical Commission and the participation of the president of the IBGE, Marcio Pochmann, at the link:

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