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National Unified Public Tender: nearly 1 million enrolled for IBGE positions

Section: IBGE | Caio Belandi

February 27, 2024 03h30 PM | Last Updated: February 28, 2024 02h42 PM

IBGE received 996,395 enrollments in the National Unified Public Tender

Last Friday (23), Esther Dweck, Minister of Management and Innovation in Public Services, presented the final balance of the enrollment in the National Unified Public Tender (CPNU). Of the 2,144,435 candidates who confirmed their enrollments in the CPNU, 996,395 will compete for 895 IBGE positions of secondary and higher education, whose initial compensation ranges from R$3,741.82 to R$9,373.19.

316,543 candidates compete for the position of “Technician in Statistical and Geographic Information, of secondary education, the second biggest demand in the entire CPNU. Altogether, the tender provides 6,640 positions, the biggest selection process for the public service ever in Brazil. The IBGE accounts for 13,5% of the positions immediately available, receiving 46.5% of those enrolled in the tender.

Marcio Pochmann, President of the IBGE, celebrated the number of persons looking for a position in the IBGE through the CPNU. “It is a clear signal of how Brazilians admire and trust in their biggest public survey institution, which remains committed with its institutional mission of ‘To portray Brazil by providing the information required to the understanding of its reality and the exercise of citizenship’,” stated him.

The opportunities in the CPNU were split into eight thematic blocks. The positions provided by the IBGE were distributed along seven of them - only block 4 does not show any position for the IBGE.

More about the CPNU

The state of São Paulo was the Federation Unit with the biggest number of persons enrolled in the CPNU, with a total of 228,452, followed by Rio de Janeiro, 223,248 and the Federal District, with 220,442. Brasília was the municipality with the biggest number of candidates enabled (220,442), followed by Rio de Janeiro (127,248).

The CPNU test will be applied on May 5 in 220 cities, located in every Federation Unit, with specific and open questions per working area. The final release of the results of the specific tests and the preliminary release of the open tests and redactions will be on June 3. The final result will be announced on July 30. The call to take office and for training courses will begin on August 5.

With information from the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services.

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