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IBGE participates in the 55th Session of the UN Statistical Division, in New York

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February 26, 2024 12h43 PM | Last Updated: February 26, 2024 04h34 PM

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) takes part in the 55th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission and its side events, held in New York, United States of America, from February 27 to March 1st.

The United Nations Statistical Commission, an office of the United Nations Statistics Division, has 24 member countries in their annual sessions, though every country in the United Nations system is invited to participate.

The Commission helps the United Nations Economic and Social Council to, among other objectives, foster the development of national statistics and improve their comparability, coordinate the statistical work of specialized agencies, and advise United Nations offices on general matters related to the collection, analysis and dissemination of statistical information.

The IBGE is represented in the event by Marcio Pochmann, President, Elizabeth Belo Hypólito, Director of Surveys, Andrea Diniz da Silva, Manager of the Surveys Center of the National School of Statistical Sciences, and Claudio Stenner, Officer of the Directorate of Geosciences. Along the entire event, the president of the IBGE will take part in bilateral meetings with statistical offices from different countries and United Nations multilateral offices aiming at discussing cooperation agreements between the IBGE and these institutions.

“In this meeting, the IBGE will actively participate by discussing subjects, organizing and participating in side events and bilateral meetings with partner institutions. As a result, we hope to strengthen even more our international insertion and assert our institution as of world and regional reference in Latin America and the Caribbean,” stated Pochmann.

For Roberto Neves Sant’Anna, IBGE´s Manager of International Relations, the 55th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission is “the major event in official statistics in the world, gathering authorities and experts from national statistical offices, international agencies and producers of official statistics. It discusses a number of subjects that will establish the major recommendations to be implemented by the producers of official statistics.”

Among several statistical subjects that will be discussed in the UNSC´s 55th session, the highlights are the use of administrative records in the statistical production, integration between geography and statistics, open data, climate changes and Sustainable Development Goals.

The IBGE will coordinate two side events: “Better data for better children’s lives: reimagining the National Statistical Systems through a child centered approach” and “Meeting of UN Regional Hub and partners in the project Environmental and climate change indicators: a common approach using innovative methods and alternative data sources”. Marcio Pochmann will speak in the panel on the importance of data to accelerate the progress of countries in the SDGs, organized by the United Nations International Children´s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

Check the complete schedule and more information of the 55th Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission on the event website:

For those interested, the sessions can be watched remotely on link:

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