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IBGE releases 2022 Census results in Diadema (SP)

Section: IBGE | Marcelo Benedicto

February 21, 2024 05h50 PM | Last Updated: February 22, 2024 02h48 PM

On Friday, February 23, at 10 AM, the IBGE will release the results of the 2022 Census with the characteristics of the households, produced with information from the questionnaire of the universe (applied in every Brazilian household). The release will be at the Clara Nunes Theater, located at 300 Graciosa Street, in Diadema downtown, São Paulo, and will be broadcast through Digital IBGE, as well as reproduced on four social media for the first time ever (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok). Presented by IBGE technicians, a technical workshop is also scheduled for public managers. The event is supported by Diadema City Hall.

Marcio Pochmann, President of the IBGE, Elizabeth Hypólito, Director of Surveys, Ivone Lopes Batista, Director of Geosciences, Flávia Vinhaes Santos, Executive-Director, Francisco Garrido, IBGE Superintendent in São Paulo, Geraldo Carneiro, Head of the Diadema Branch, and José de Filippi Junior, Diadema´s Mayor, will take part in the event.

“The IBGE will release more information related to the 13th Brazilian Population Census. The data allow us to better know the housing conditions of Brazilians, in order to know how Brazilian live in their households. The partnership between the IBGE and Diadema City Hall will allow the audience to discuss this information, as well as those who will be on the social media,” states Marcio Pochmann.

José de Filippi greeted the IBGE invitation to Diadema to launch the 2022 Census data: “The release of the characteristics of the households will be extremely important to review, balance and improve every initiative we are developing here in Diadema. This information will be key to develop new public policies, reinforcing our continuous commitment to meet the needs of the citizens of our city,” assesses the mayor.

In the afternoon, at 2 PM, a technical workshop will present possibilities of using the 2022 Census data for public managers. According to Fatinha Queiroz, Diadema´s Secretary of Planning and Management, the workshops will contribute to train the city technicians. “Under the perspective of the city planning, training our technicians, from our Secretariat and others, not only enriches them, but also significantly improves our possibilities in the conduction of our activities.”

Also according to her, the Secretariat successfully integrated the PGI (Interactive Geographic Platform) and SIDRA (IBGE System of Automatic Recovery) in their daily activities. “The cooperation in actions like this, carried out in partnership with the IBGE, assumes a key role, strengthening our skills and contributing to continuously improve our planning processes and practices of government actions,” concludes the secretary.

See below the complete schedule:

Date: February 23, 2024

Broadcast: Digital IBGE and reproduced on four social media for the first time ever (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok).


9 AM - Opening session

10 AM - Release of the results of the 2022 Census: Characteristics of Households - results of the universe
Venue: Clara Nunes Theater
Address: 300 Graciosa Street - Downtown - Diadema/SP


2 to 6 PM - Technical workshop: A territory of information: potentialities of the 2022 Census data
Venue: Professor Lisete Arelaro Training Center
Address: 831 Alda Avenue 
Downtown - Diadema/SP

Workshop schedule:

2 to 2:45 PM (What is a Census / Operation figures / Themes investigated / News in the 2022 Census) - Gustavo Junger (CTD/DPE) and Giulia Fortes (CTD/DPE)

2:45 to 3:30 PM Data potentialities for local managers - Bruno Mandelli Perez (COPIS/DPE)

3:30 to 3:45 PM Coffee break

3:45 to 5:45 Tools and ways to access DPE/DGC data
Overview of the 2022 Census – Giulia Fortes (CTD/DPE)
PGI - Interactive Geographic Platform – (CGMAT/DGC) 
BDIA - Environmental Information Database - Luciana Mara Temponi de Oliveira (CMA/DGC)
SIDRA – Bruno Mandelli Perez (COPIS/DPE)

5:45 to 6 PM Themes already released and perspectives for next releases - Gustavo Junger (CTD/DPE)

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