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External Dialogues

In partnership with UFT, IBGE runs first External Dialogues in Palmas

Section: IBGE | Wendy Becker

February 01, 2024 11h25 AM | Last Updated: February 02, 2024 10h50 AM

The External Dialogues Project will discuss guidelines for a new IBGE in partnership with society - Photo: Wendy Becker

Having been launched in August 2023, the project "IBGE 90 Dialogues" has as its main objective to register the memory of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and its almost nine decades of existence, besides discussing guidelines for a new IBGE. The president of the Institute has been working on the continuity of the project, now aimed at society and encompassing public authorities (Brazil, its states and municipalities), legislators, professional entities and representatives, and students, among others. The first "IBGE 90 External Dialogues" will be held in Palmas (TO) on February 1st, at 9 o’clock, in partnership with the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT).

The project will be launched in the Council Room of the UFT Rector’s Office. The objective is to gather relevant external actors to fulfill the mission of the IBGE, which demands interchange and integration, for a Population Census, for example, can only succeed upon national engagement and the adoption of internationally-acknowledged methodologies.

Vice-rector of UFT, Marcelo Leineker - Photo: Wendy Becker

The "IBGE 90 External Dialogues" will take place in the 27 Brazilian capitals, being co-organized by the IBGE Superintendencies, in partnership with local public authorities and having the support from the society by means of entities that provide indicators, promote events and actions of the IBGE in each state.

Schedule for the "IBGE 90 External Dialogues":

8h30 - registration;

9h - Opening session: Luis Eduardo Bovolato, rector of UFT; Márcio Pochmann, president of IBGE and Paulo Ricardo Amaral, IBGE Superintendent in Tocantins;

9h30 to 10h30 - Panel 1 - The IBGE and Public Administration - Sergislei Moura, state secretary for Planning and Budget ;

10h30 to 11h – Coffee break

11h to 12h - Panel 2 - The IBGE and society - Marcelo Leineker, vice-rector of UFT, Marcelo Leineker.

The panels will be composed of local authorities and representatives of Society, who will share their experiences with the IBGE over time and at present, and also make considerations about the role of the new IBGE for the future.

"IBGE 90 Dialogues"

Luis Eduardo Bovolato, rector of UFT and Paulo Ricardo Amaral, IBGE Superintendent in Tocantions, arrive at the University auditorium - Photo: Wendy Becker

Firstly with its servants, temporary workers, retired servants and union members, the "Dialogues" resulted in more than ten thousand instances of participation and contribution from thematic groups and subgroups, in 50 meetings conducted face-to-face or online. These meetings generated guidelines for the IBGE, based on thousands of proposals detailed on more than two thousand pages. The results were presented in the first "IBGE 90 Dialogues Meeting", held on November 16 and 17, in Parada de Lucas, the biggest IBGE branch in Brazil, now in need of remodeling, among other actions.

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