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IBGE releases schedule of IBGE Jalapão Expedition in Tocantins

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January 30, 2024 06h43 PM | Last Updated: January 31, 2024 02h19 PM

Next Thursday, February 1st, at 2 PM, the IBGE Jalapão Tocantins Expedition will leave Girassóis Square, in the city of Palmas, towards the municipality of Ponte Alta do Tocantins, the entrance gate of Jalapão Park. The 2022 Census event is scheduled for February 2, at 10 AM, in Ponte Alta do Tocantins. Geographic Coordinates of Addresses

Beyond the expedition, a IBGE, BDIA, PGI and Sidra Portal Workshop, presented by IBGE technicians, is scheduled for Wednesday (31), at 2 PM, for local managers. In the same day, Marcio Pochmann, President of the IBGE, visits the State Superintendence of Tocantins (SES-TO). On February 1st, the first edition of the External Dialogs IBGE 90 Years project will be carried out with local authorities and a collective representation, at the Rectory of the Federal University of Tocantins (UFT). After the Census event on February 2, the IBGE Totem will be inaugurated in the Post Office Branch of Ponte Alta. To close the activities in the state, tourist attractions of Jalapão will be visited in the afternoon of February 2 and morning of February 3.

The event is supported by the Brazilian Mail, Government of Tocantins and City Hall of Ponte Alta of Tocantins.

See the complete schedule below:

Schedule - Geographic Coordinates of Census/IBGE Jalapão Tocantins Expedition

January 31 (Wednesday) - Palmas
2 to 6 PM - Workshop with managers - IBGE Portal, PGI, BDIA and Sidra (DGC, CDDI CCS and Superintendence team);
2h30 to 6 PM - Visit of the President of the IBGE to the IBGE headquarters in Palmas and agenda with authorities.

February 1 (Thursday) - Palmas
9 AM to 12 PM - “External Dialogs IBGE 90 Years” event with local authorities and a collective representation;
2 PM - Concentration at Girassóis Square, Government Palace, provision of stickers to vehicles and distribution of kits;
3 PM - Departure of the caravan towards Ponte Alta do Tocantins;
3:40 PM - Stop in District of Taquaruçu to inaugurate the interactive totem with access to IBGE channels;
Arrival in Ponte Alta do Tocantins, speech of authorities.

February 2 (Friday) - Ponte Alta do Tocantins
10 AM - “Geographic Coordinates of Addresses” event at the Alcides Rufo State School, with the presence of the Governor of Tocantins and other authorities;
2 to 6 PM - Inauguration of the totem at the Post Office Branch of Ponte Alta do Tocantins, agenda with local authorities and visit to Jalapão, learning projects and perspective of new partnerships.

February 3 (Saturday) - Ponte Alta do Tocantins/Palmas/Rio de Janeiro
6 AM - departure and passage through natural attractions;
9 AM - Arrival in Palmas.

*Schedule subject to changes

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