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Ponte Alta do Tocantins in Jalapão will host release of the 2022 Census coordinates

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January 18, 2024 03h30 PM | Last Updated: January 22, 2024 06h14 PM

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) will release, on February 2nd, at 10 am, data about the address coordinates of the 2022 Census. The chosen municipality was Ponte Alta do Tocantins, at the entrance to Jalapão Park. Marcio Pochmann, president of the IBGE; Wanderlei Barbosa, governor of Tocantins and other authorities will attend the event.

The geographic coordinates of addresses of all housing units and establishments visited throughout the Census operation, and a classification of use for each one of them, will be released. The capture of such coordinates for all the addresses Brazil, including urban areas, was one of the innovations in the 2022 Population Census, and that resulted in a 100% georeferenced address list for the first time. This innovation, besides presenting a full view of the territorial coverage of IBGE’s data collection, allows one to have a better spatial distribution of all the statistical data released as Census data, for a number of geographic subdivisions.


The State Park of is a conservation unit where one can find some of the main tourist attractions in Tocantins. With its waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, rapids, golden sand dunes, great plateaus and rocky formations of varied shapes and colors, the region attracts a number of visitors seeking adventure and an experience in ecotourism.

Ponte Alta do Tocantins is a historical city, traditionally known as the entrance to Jalapão Park. Its main natural attractions are: Pedra Furada (Pierced Rock) and Cânion Sussuapara (Sussupara Canyon). Its origin dates back to the end of the 19th century, when, at the shore of Ponte Alta River, men in canoes, hunters and fishermen, the main residents of the land, paved the way to social life in that locality, a former district of Porto Nacional called Bom Jesus de Ponte Alta. In 1938, the community Ponte Alta do Norte was founded, after the name of a tree used as a bridge to cross the river. The name of the village was then changed to Iabetê, and its officialization effected on November 14, 1958, giving origin to the municipality of Ponte Alta do Norte which, was renamed Ponte Alta do Tocantins after the creation of the state.


Event: Geographic Coordinates of 2022 Population Census Addresses

Date: February 02nd, at 10 am

Venue: Escola Estadual Alcides Rufo Casa do Olodum, located on Av. Primavera do Leste, quadra 06, lote 03, setor sul, in Ponte Alta do Tocantins (TO)

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The event will be broadcast on the IBGE Youtube channel-

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