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IBGE starts “1st IBGE 90 Dialogues Meeting” to set the guidelines for the next three years

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November 16, 2023 09h00 AM | Last Updated: November 16, 2023 06h10 PM

The IBGE begins this Thursday (16), at the Parada de Lucas unit, in the north of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the 1st IBGE 90th Anniversary Dialogues Meeting. The event will define 12 guidelines that will drive the Institute's activities over the next three years, until its 90th anniversary in 2026.

The conference, which will last until Friday (17), is expected to bring together more than 400 participants, including active civil servants, retirees, unionists and IBGE collaborators, as well as authorities and international diplomatic representations. At the end of the activities, a document with the 12 guidelines will be sent by the president of IBGE, Marcio Pochmann, to the President of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to the Minister of Planning and Budget, Simone Tebet, and to the other authorities present at the final ceremony .

“Parada de Lucas is an emblematic venue for the IBGE, as this unit housed for many years what was the largest printing house in Latin America, where Census questionnaires used to be developed over the decades, as well as maps, cartographies and other important documents of the Institute”, highlights president Marcio Pochmann.

The meeting is one of the actions within the scope of the project “Diálogos IBGE 90 anos” (IBGE 90th Anniversary Dialogues). To build the “Dialogues,” 12 work groups were created from the most varied areas and actions, with the aim of discussing advances and challenges in each of the following areas:

Group 1 – IBGE Revitalization: physical structures (risks and opportunities for use), technological (equipment) and virtual (systems and servers) structures

Group 2 – The new IBGE: organizational structure and national operation and decentralization, management, careers, entrance examinations, ombudsman, integration, purchasing, among others

Group 3 – Plan for administrative record studies and surveys, census and sample surveys: current and new ones

Group 4 – New public information hub for the Nation, constituting the ecosystem of the sovereign National System of Statistics, Geoinformation and Data

Group 5 – IBGE 90 years: memory, present and future

Group 6 – Production and dissemination of knowledge: teaching and publications: current and new ones

Group 7 – Strengthening and supporting state superintendencies

Group 8 – Renewed and shared physical and virtual presence with strategic regional priorities

Group 9 – Reaffirmation of the IBGE's leading role among the main counterpart institutions in nations that have the best and most comprehensive data and statistics systems on the planet

Group 10 – Rearticulation of the IBGE as a producer of  statistical and geographic data and information of the highest international quality with embassies and multilateral organizations and Brazilian partners abroad

Group 11 – Preparation, organization and carrying out of the internal congress of IBGE servants

Group 12 – Presentation, discussion and approval of the IBGE 90th Anniversary Work Plan

The “1st IBGE 90 Dialogues Meeting” takes place after three other rounds of meetings held in September and October. As a whole, there were more than ten thousand participations and hundreds of proposals over more than 50 meetings, and contributions, in person and remotely, in thematic groups and subgroups. “Holding this event represents the conclusion of a process of participation and cross-cut dialogues between the new board and servants, collaborators, union members and retirees of IBGE”, celebrates Mr. Pochmann.

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