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Federative Caravan

IBGE concludes its participation in the Federative Caravan of Tocantins with assistance to 130 participants

Section: IBGE | Wendy Becker/SDDI-TO

November 10, 2023 06h23 PM | Last Updated: December 10, 2023 09h26 PM

IBGE team assists participant in the Federative Caravan of Tocantins, in Palmas, the state capital - Photo: Wualisson Chaves/SSDI-TO

The IBGE successfully concluded its participation in the Federative Caravan of Tocantins, last Friday, 10, with a total of 130 participants assisted. Mayors, vice-mayors, state and municipal secretaries, parliament representatives, managers, members of society and the general public visited the IBGE stand during the two-day event and learned about the products and services provided by the Institute, besides having doubts cleared about the 2022 Population Census and other surveys.

The main purpose of this event is to promote more institutional engagement by the federal, state and municipal government spheres in order to foster cooperation between these federation entities. Besides the IBGE, other institutions attended the Caravan: 33 ministries; 3 government agencies (INSS, FNDE and Funasa); 3 banks (Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil and BNDES) and 3 companies (Serpro, Correios and Energisa), all of which offered services and technical assistance to 139 municipal governments in and state managers in Tocantins.

In the closing ceremony, the ministry of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilha, was made Honorary Citizen of Tocantins and expressed his gratitude for the effort made by all federative agencies to Join the event. “This is the fourth edition and the biggest one, regarding both quality and attendance of mayors, resulting in more than 2 thousand participations. Therefore, this Caravan is a landmark in the restoration of federative relations.”

The Secretary of Federative Affairs for the Federal Government, André Luiz Ceciliano, made an assessment of the Caravan and considered it “perfect”. The outcome was very positive. The other caravans were a learning opportunity . there were problems here and there, but not now. This edition was perfect. I see no room for improvement.” According to the secretary, there were a total 2,100 persons assisted, including 109 mayors and more than 30 vice-mayors, besides federal and state parliament representatives.

Alexandre Padilha, minister of Institutional Relations, states the Caravan in Tocantins was a “landmark in the restoration of federative relations” - Wualisson Chaves/SDDI-TO
Alexandre Padilha, minister of Institutional Relations, states the Caravan in Tocantins was a “landmark in the restoration of federative relations” - Wualisson Chaves/SDDI-TO
Secretary Sergislei Moura, on behalf of the State Planning and Budget Secretariat and the IBGE superintendent in Tocantins, Paulo Ricardo Amaral, at the IBGE stand - Wualisson Chaves/SDDI-TO

According to the IBGE superintendent in Tocantins, Paulo Ricardo Amaral, the presence of the Institute at the event was very fruitful. “The IBGE portrays and it is part of a number of Brazilian municipalities, and all the activities related to municipal planning require high-quality information, which is our mission and our target. Thus, the participation of our institution was of great importance.”
Sergislei Moura, State Planning and Budget Secretary, on behalf of this partner of the IBGE in the Census and Other surveys, visited the IBGE stand looking for data on the rural and urban population, in order to develop a project of Family Agriculture. He reinforced the importance of this partnership with the Institute and reported the intention of using the IBGE Census Mappin in the division of the state regions and microrregions.

Visitors of the stand received a bag with a notebook, a pen, a calendar map and folders presenting the Institute and its surveys, including: Municipal Agricultural Survey (PAM), Municipal Livestock Survey (PPM), Forestry Production (PEVS), Vital Statistics, GDP of Municipalities, material on the 2022 Census and on the IBGE Automatic Retrieval System (SIDRA).

Federative Caravans

With the theme: “Unity and reconstruction towards new federative relations”, in August, Salvador (BA) was the first capital to house the initiative. In September, the caravan took place in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and, in October, Porto Alegre (RS) had the opportunity of housing the event. Other Caravans will take place in Maranhão, on November 23 and 24; in Ceará, on December 7 and 8, and the IBGE will attend both of them.

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