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In Palmas

With participation of IBGE, fourth edition of Federative Caravan will be in Palmas

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November 08, 2023 06h42 PM | Last Updated: December 10, 2023 09h36 PM

The fourth edition of the Federative Caravan of the Federal Government will be held in Palmas, capital of Tocantins, on November 9-10 at the Senator Antonio Luiz Maya School. During the event, IBGE technicians will provide an overview of IBGE surveys and actions, besides attending 139 city halls in the state.

The event will include presentations, workshops, services and technical attendance by several institutions. The aim is fostering a higher institutional engagement among the federal, state and municipal administrations, in order to establish the cooperation and a permanent communication channel among the federated entities.

CONAB´s President, Edegar Pretto, received a kit with information of IBGE surveys - Picture: Felipe Prestes
FUNAI´s Regional Coordinator, Maria Inês de Freitas, congratulated the IBGE for carrying out the 2022 Census in indigenous lands - Picture: Felipe Prestes
Federal Representative Reginete Bispo showed interest in disseminating IBGE information in quilombola territories in Rio Grande do Sul - Picture: Felipe Prestes
The Secretary of Federative Affairs of the Federal Government, André Ceciliano, tasted mate beside the IBGE Superintendent in Rio Grande do Sul, José Renato Braga de Almeida (left), and the General-Coordinator of the Center for Information Documentation and Dissemination, Daniel Castro (right) - Picture: Felipe Prestes
In the Federative Caravan in Rio de Janeiro, Mauro Cunha, Secretary of Planning of Casimiro de Abreu (RJ) - Picture: Márcio Costa/IBGE News Agency
Daniel Castro, General-Coordinator of the CDDI, with the IBGE attendance team in the stand of the Federative Caravan in Rio de Janeiro
In the Federative Caravan in Rio de Janeiro, the auditorium is packed for the opening of the event - Picture: Márcio Costa/IBGE News Agency

According to Paulo Ricardo Amaral, Superintendent of SES-TO, this meeting is important to “strengthen the institutional relationship among participating offices, as well as collaboration and synergy.” The SES-TO team will be in charge of attending the IBGE stand, where mayors, advisors, secretaries and other participants might clear doubts on IBGE products, know the databases and information channels, as well as check the results of the 2022 Population Census and other surveys. Visitors will receive bags with notepads, pens, maps, calendars and institutional folders.

Besides the IBGE, 24 ministries already confirmed their participation in the Federative Caravan of Tocantins. Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil, Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro) and the Brazilian Mail will also take part in the event.


With the theme: “Unity and reconstruction towards new federative relations”, Salvador (BA) was the first capital to receive this initiative in August. It was followed by Rio de Janeiro (RJ) in September and, in October, Porto Alegre (RS) had the opportunity to host the event. However, Palmas will be the third participation of the IBGE in the Federative Caravan. Caravans are scheduled for 2023 in Maranhão and Ceará, which will count with the participation of the IBGE.

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