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Toponimic changes

IBGE updates list of municipalities' names used in geographic and statistical databases

Section: Geosciences | Vinícius Britto

March 14, 2023 10h00 AM | Last Updated: March 14, 2023 05h07 PM

Santo Antônio de Leverger (MT) was the only municipality to have its name changed in 2022 - Photo: City Hall of Santo Antônio de Leverger

The IBGE released today (March 14) the product Municipal Toponymic Changes, updating the list of municipalities that had their names legally changed, reflecting on the geographic and statistical databases of the institute, such as the National Infrastructure for Spatial Data  (INDE) and the Statistical Table Database (SIDRA). The current edition brings the updated name of the municipality of Mato Grosso from “Santo Antônio do Leverger” to “Santo Antônio de Leverger”, occurred in the year 2022.

In addition to the change in the name of this municipality, the product brings the history of changes that occurred in previous versions: 131 changes in all, containing the old name of the municipality, the current name, the reason for the change and the date on which the name was changed in the IBGE register.

Toponyms reflect and perpetuate a bit of the local history and culture, by referring to facts or persons of relevance during the occupation process, or by conveying the feeling of belonging and identity with the territory. The new name now integrates all geographic and statistical documents prepared by the IBGE.

More about Santo Antônio de Leverger

Created under the name of Santo Antônio do Rio Baixo in 1835, the district's origins are linked to those of the city of Cuiabá, because of incursions to explore gold mines on the homonymous  river. On one of the expeditions, a boat of miners got stuck on a sandbar and was only able to continue its journey after a canoeist suggested that he disembark an image of Santo Antônio that was being transported.

In 1943, the municipality of Santo Antônio was renamed Leverger, in reference to Augusto João Manoel Leverger, the Baron of Melgaço. French by birth, he dedicated a large part of his life to the causes of Mato Grosso and was president to the province for several times. In 1948, the municipality of Leverger took the name of Santo Antônio do Leverger. For more information, please access the IBGE website  Cities@.

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