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Application deadline extended for master's, doctoral and specialization courses at ENCE

Section: IBGE | Carmen Nery

September 21, 2022 02h00 PM | Last Updated: September 23, 2022 11h47 AM

Applications are open until October 7 for the specialization program and until Ocotber 3, for master's and doctoral programs - Photo:Álvaro Vasconcellos/Acervo IBGE

Applications for the specialization course in Environmental Analysis and Territorial Management and for the master's and doctoratal programs in Population, Territory and Public Statistics at the IBGE's National School of Statistical Sciences (ENCE) were extended.

Applications would be over this Friday (September 23), but now those interested in the specialization course can register until October 7, with the list of the approved registrations being released on October 14. Candidates to the Master’s and Doctoral courses  can register until October 3 and the approved registrations will be disclosed on October 10. 

Recently, the stricto sensu Postgraduate Program was graded as 5 in the evaluation carried out by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel - CAPES, of the Ministry of Education.

“The Postgraduate Program is not in Statistics, but in Population, Territory and Public Statistics, in the scope of Urban and Regional Planning/Demography of Capes. There are 20 places for the master’s program and 10 for the doctoral program. The course is consolidated and will celebrate 25 years in 2023, its professors are IBGE and great international company’s representatives, as Dr. Pedro Silva, who was president of the International Statistical Institute. The doctoral course started in 2015 and the new grade 5 acknowledges this consolidation process and strengthening of the Program, which now has its first PhDs”, says Ms. Joice de Souza Soares, analyst and intermediary assistant for the postgraduate course at Ence.

Another 30 places are also available in the lato sensu (specialization) course on Environmental Analysis and Territorial Management. Started in 1997, the course aims at complementing the qualification of professionals to cope with the bioenvironmental challenges, understanding their causes and seeking to overcome them. The goal is to provide a critical and interdisciplinary view of  environmental and territorial issues, based on the integration between environmental knowledge and planning, territorial management and organization.

The course also seeks to provide qualification and develop skills on the access, use and georeferencing of data and information of statistical, demographic and socioeconomic nature; as well as on new geotechnologies to support the process of geospatial data acquisition, treatment, processing and dissemination, to ground environmental analysis and territorial management. Moreover, it contributes to the critical and ethical reflection upon technological innovations, analyzing their impact on the construction of a sustainable society. 

“The selection for master’s and doctoral programs has an initial phase of documentation analysis, followed by a written exam on general knowledge –  whose topics are in line with the Program’s field; bibliography is available in the notice. Master’s candidates must submit a plan of work and doctoral applicants, a project. For the specialization course, the phases are document analysis, exam and interview”, says Ms.Soares. 

Since the beginning of 2022, classes have been in-person, in the afternoons or evenings for Master’s and PhD, Monday to Friday, with seminars on Mondays. The specialization classes are in the morning.

ENCE advises that students, even employed ones, should be either licensed or have work routines that allow dedication to the courses.

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