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2022 Census

Prevention and trust: IBGE establishes partnerships and gets support from condos

Section: IBGE | Da Redação

July 15, 2022 10h00 AM | Last Updated: July 20, 2022 12h05 AM

The IBGE has established, all over the country, partnerships for the 2022 Population Census Household data collection is expected to start on August 1st. Therefore, the Institute has reinforced support and agreements already set with associations of real estate and condo administrations, as well as unions of housing representatives. Being conducted throughout several months REPACs (Census Planning and Monitoring Meetings) have promoted a number of important initiatives. Courses, workshops and lectures were held in order to provide information and guidance in order to guarantee the integrity of both residents to be visited and the IBGE enumerators working on data collection. The overall idea is that residents, building managers, doorkeepers and janitors are aware of the important activities of enumerators not only because of the legal duty of providing statistical information but mainly because of the social importance of the data collected and their undeniable public relevance.

Committed with the prevention and protection of residents and of the enumerators, the IBGE and national entities, such as SECOVI (Union of Purchase, Sale and Administration of Real Estate) have agreed on conducting cooperative actions in order to support, announce and promote the Census, with a focus on raising awareness of condo residents, considering the need of making work easier for all. “Welcoming the enumerators who have been trained to serve Brazil during the Census mission is very important for the success of the operation and of the reach of national public interest,” said Luciano Duarte, technical coordinator for the Census.

“This is a permanent service provided by the IBGE for any citizen who has been approached to answer the survey and wants to make sure that person at their door is an IBGE servant,” says Cláudio Barbosa, Operational Coordinator for the Census. “The building manager, the doorkeeper, the janitor or the resident can and must keep in touch with the Institute’s user service in order to obtin information about the enumerator working in the condo or dwelling.”

The 2022 Census will count on three forms of approch for filling out the questionnaire: face-to-face, Internet or telephone. In order to answer on the Internet, the informant will wait for the enumerator, who, during the visit, will register the resident’s email and telephone (for SMS messages).In this type of data collection, the resident will have seven days to answer the questionnaire. Collection by telephone will be a solution when residents ar not found at home during the enumerator’s visit. That will also be applied in cases where the resident cannot speak to the enumerator at the time of the visit, and the interview can be scheduled for later and be either face-to-face or by telephone.

Awareness iniatives in condos include partnerships with entities all over brazil, established with reference representativeness, such as: National Confederation of Building Managers (CONASI), SINDICONET Portal, Papo Condominial Channel and administration companies such as APSA, LELLO, BR condos, besides the Brazilian Association of Electronic Security (ABESE). "Here in Ceará we promote visits, meeting and even lives, besides a long, 60-minute long radio interview.

In São Paulo, the IBGE and the Association for the Admistrators of Real Estate and Condominiums in São Paulo (AABIC) conducted, on July 14th, at the AABIC headquarters, a meeting of their representatives and collaborators of administration companies for instructions on the 2022 Census. The AABIC gathers the biggest condo administration companies in the country and is responsible for 53% of the management in São Paulo alone - where it currently manages 16 thousand condominiums and more than 60 thousand exchanged real estate, inhabited by about 5.1 million persons. The Association has worked together with the IBGE to provide guidance on approach at condos and to set security protocols during the Census

The entity is worried about keeping residents' security, facilitating access to the enumerator and helping people understand the importance of the Census. “The A AABIC is engaged in its role of organizing the operational process so that all the legal obligations regarding condos are respected," says José Roberto Graiche Júnior, president of AABIC.

It is worthy of mention that special material for condominium facilities, in order to help administration companies and managers is being currently disseminated. See at link AABIC-IBGE partnership.

The institution also intends to schedule collection in these condos in specific shared areas (banquet halls, entrance halls, main door area) so that residents can answer the qjuestionnaire. Special material will be available to help condominious with virtually-controlled entrance halls, because in theses an intercom is used for communication between visitors and residents, and only if the resident is at home will the door be opened, that is, there is no employee available for this function.

"Here in Ceará we promoted visits, meeting and even lives, besides a long, 60-minute long radio interview. Therefore, we are confident that the census operation will be very successful, especially in the condominium segment,” states Francisco Lopes, head of the IBGE in the state.

In Pernambuco, Revista Conominium (Condo Magazine), distributed among 10 thousand building managers all over the state, published an article in July about the collection for the 2022 Census. The topic was also a highlight on the cover and in the opinion section, in which managers were invited to work as partners and supporters of the IBGE during the Census operation.

“In Sergipe, by means of SECOVI, we participated in an event with condo managing companies of the State in order to introduce the Census. Other meetings with managers and administrators have already been scheduled in order to facilitate access to condos by the enumerator. Letters are being written and posted on elevators of severall addresses in Aracaju. The team will print three thousand flyers with photos of the enumerators. These actions are being noticed by society,” says Adriane Sacramento, head of the IBGE in the state.