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2022 Census

IBGE opens complementary selection process for 885 positions as census agents

Section: IBGE | Caio Belandi

June 15, 2022 05h00 PM | Last Updated: June 21, 2022 06h38 PM

In a new selection, the IBGE will hire 262 municipal census agents (ACM) and 623 supervising census agents (ACS) - Photo: IBGE Collection

IBGE announced, on June 15, another simplified selection process (PSS) for the temporary hiring of professionals who will work in the 2022 Census. There are 262 positions for Municipal Census Agents (ACM) and 623 positions for Supervising Census Agents (ACS), distributed in 679 municipalities in 10 states. Registration began on Thursday (16) and ended on Sunday (19).

Registration for the process must be carried out online, by filling out the registration form on the IBGE Portal, and there is no fee. Secondary education is required to the positions as ACM and ACS, with a monthly wage of R$2,100.00 and R$1,700, respectively, plus food and transportation allowances.

Minas Gerais is the state with the highest number of positions, with 175 opportunities in 141 municipalities. The South Region concentrates the largest number: in Santa Catarina, there are 162 positions in 108 municipalities, in Rio Grande do Sul, there are 142 for 127 municipalities, and in Paraná, the total is 133 positions in 127 municipalities.

The ACM manages the work of the collection station, while the ACS, subordinate to the ACM, has as its main function to guide enumerators in field work.

The term of the contract is up to five months, with the possibility of extension. The working day will be 40 hours per week, 8 hours per day. Among the total of 913 positions offered in the process, 79 are for Black or Brown People (PPP) and 15 for People with Disabilities (PwD).

How to register

To apply, the candidate must fill in the online application form. The presentation of the original documentation or certified copy (identity and academic degree) must be made only at hiring. The analysis of educational degrees will be used for classification purposes.

Complementary process

The opening of the complementary PSS for ACM and ACS is a way to continue the selection initiated through public notice nº 09/2021, in places where the list of approved applicants was not enough to fill the positions and places with low number of approved applicants. The hiring will be carried out under the terms of Law 8,745, which allows the admission of personnel for a determined period in order to meet the temporary need of exceptional public interest.

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