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2022 Census

IBGE releases final result of Census selection and training of approved applicants will start soon

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May 20, 2022 11h00 AM | Last Updated: May 24, 2022 08h45 AM

IBGE will hire 206,891 temporary workers for the 2022 Census - Photo: Damolândia (GO)/IBGE Collection

The IBGE releases this Friday (May 20), the final result of the simplified selection process (PSS) of the 2022 Population Census. The applicants to the positions of enumerators, municipal census agents (ACM) and supervising census agents (ACS) must check the result on the website of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), which is the company in charge of the selection process.

In case of a tie in the final grade, in the scope fo the chosen area of work/municipality/FU, the first tie-breaking criterion will follow the Elderly Statute and the position will go to those who are 60 years of age and older, considering the the last registration day. The second criterion is the applicant's grade in Technical Knowledge, followed by the grade in Portuguese Language and Ethics in Public Service. All tie-breaking criteria can be consulted in the notice of the selection process.

The next step will be the call. The IBGE will call for training candidates approved within the number of positions offered. Altogether, more than 621,000 people applied for the jobs distributed in 5,297 municipalities in the country. There will be 206,891 temporary workers for the Census, of which 183,021 are enumerators, who have training scheduled from July 18 to 22, 18,420 for ACS and 5,450 for ACM, both with training scheduled for June 6 to 15.

The other approved candidates will be kept on a waiting list, and may be called later, according to the public notice. Training for enumerators will have an eliminatory and qualifying nature and will be carried out by the IBGE in two stages: self-instruction and face-to-face instruction.

For more information on the next stages, see the PSS notice on the Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) website.

Requirements, salaries and assignments: the differences between census taker, ACM and ACS

The enumerators' test had 50 questions, divided into 10 questions of Portuguese Language, 10 of Mathematics, 5 of Ethics in Public Service and 25 of Technical Knowledge. Applicants for ACM and ACS positions answered 60 questions, being 10 questions of Portuguese Language, 10 questions of Logical Quantitative Reasoning, 5 questions of Ethics in Public Service, 15 questions of Notions of Administration/Managerial Situations and 20 questions of Technical Knowledge.

IBGE has made available a technical knowledge booklet so that applicants could access the necessary information to answer questions about the census operation.

For enumerators, the requirement was complete primary education. The professional earns per production, which can be simulated by clicking here, and will work directly in the collection of information, interviewing the residents of the households.

In order to be ACS and ACM, it was necessary to have complete secondary education. Salaries will be R$1,700 and R$2,100, respectively. While the ACM manages the work of the collection station, the ACS, subordinate to the ACM, has as its main function to guide enumerators in field work.

IBGE will visit more than 70 million households in the 2022 Census

As of August 1, it is estimated that 215 million inhabitants, in more than 70 million households, will be visited by enumerators in the country's 5,570 municipalities. The Census will reveal the characteristics of households, ethnic-racial identification, marriage, family nucleus, fertility, religion or cult, disability, internal or international migration, education, commuting to study, labor and income, commuting to work, mortality and autism. Conducted every ten years, the survey is the main source of reference on the living conditions of the population in all municipalities in the country.

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