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2022 Census

IBGE opens new complementary selection with 148 positions for Census

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May 10, 2022 10h00 AM | Last Updated: May 10, 2022 11h21 AM

123 positions are available in Rio de Janeiro for those with experience in telemarketing - Photo: Dênio Simões/Brasília Agency

Enrollment is open until the end of this week (13) for two complementary simplified selection processes (PSSs) to temporarily hire professionals to work in the 2022 Census. Altogether, the IBGE offers 148 positions, being 123 for Census Agents of Surveys by Telephone (ACTs), only for Rio de Janeiro (RJ). More 22 positions for Agents of Surveys and Mapping (APMs) and three positions for Supervisors of Data Collection of Quality (SCQs) are also available.

No enrollment rate will be charged. Complete secondary education is required and, in the case of ACTs, one-year experience in active or receptive telemarketing in the last 5 years (until the release date of the final result) is also required. Enrollment can be made either on-line or on-site. The selections will involve the academic analysis of candidates.

The positions for ACTs offer a monthly salary of R$998.00 for up to five months, renewable for more five months. The work involves 27 weekly hours, including weekends and holidays. All the approved persons will work in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, answering telephone calls from users to help them fill the questionnaires of the 2022 Census through the Internet, as well as calling households to help them wrap up the questionnaires.

The 22 positions for APMs are distributed along nine municipalities in MG, MT, PR, RS, SC and SP. The monthly compensation of Agents of Surveys and Mapping is R$1,387.50. The three opportunities for SCQs are distributed along three municipalities in MG, RS and SC, with a monthly compensation of R$3,100.00.

Visiting households is among the assignments of APMs, as well as the support to geographic surveyings, pinpointing changes in the political-administrative division whenever needed. SQCs have to manage the work developed in the data collection stations, according to the chart scheduled for surveys, as well as to technically assess the questionnaires collected.

More information and guidelines about the selection processes - like public notices, enrollment, results of the academic analysis and final results - are on the IBGE portal.

How to enroll

To enroll through the Internet, candidates should fill the enrollment form and send it through email to the IBGE´s State Unit in charge of the locality of their positions. Candidates should attach copies of their documents (id and academic title). The analysis of the titles will be of qualifying nature.

Those who decide to enroll on-site should take a copy of the id and academic title (like a diploma or a school-leaving certificate) to one of the IBGE venues listed in the annex of the public notice corresponding to the position desired.

Complementary process

A complementary PSS is a way to proceed with the selection started by public notices 03/2021, 05/2021 and 01/2022, which aimed at hiring for these same functions.

“This model is used to provide the positions in the localities that did not have sufficient candidates approved to meet the needs of the original selection process,” completes Bernardo Caú, IBGE´s manager of Provision.

Hirings will be accomplished according to Law 8,745, which allows to hire personnel for a certain time to meet temporary needs of exceptional public interest.

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