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5 years on air

In Census year, IBGE News Agency gains new look to enhance user experience

Section: IBGE | Da Redação | Design: Helena Pontes

March 23, 2022 10h00 AM | Last Updated: March 24, 2022 06h29 PM

Last year, the IBGE Agency had more than 7.5 million visits, a record since its creation in 2017 - Art: Helena Pontes, artwork on Freepik mockup

About to complete five years of journalistic production focused on statistics and geosciences, the main page of the IBGE News Agency underwent a redesign to improve the experience of users, in the year of the 2022 Census.

The Agency still focuses on producing multimedia content to help society understand data from the more than 200 IBGE surveys and studies carried out every year. It also produces releases and news about the IBGE’s role in the country.

The new page expands the News Area and brings four highlights with title and photo. The Editorials have gained more visibility and still follow the structure of the IBGE Website, presenting all themes in a well-distributed way, and providing users with a more dynamic navigation.

The podcast Minuto IBGE, with weekly releases, and the schedule of Future Releases, essential to follow the IBGE survey dates, are highlighted on the main page.

"The IBGE News Agency has had such a repercussion that it has inspired similar channels in the federal administration, such as the BNDES news agency, where at the time (2018), I could witness the creation process and reference", says the current Social Communication Coordinator of the IBGE, Alex Campos.

Another novelty is the item "Collection" on the menu, which will gather audiovisual, graphic and photographic material produced by the Agency. In the coming months, gradual adjustments are to be made in this section. And a special series about the 2022 Census will be produced.

“Conceived by a team of specialized journalists and designers, the Agency's content has been widely used by national and regional media. In addition, the Agency plays a central role in the dissemination of IBGE products directly to its audiences”, explained the multimedia content editor, Adriana Saraiva.

Last year, the Agency received more than 7.5 million visits, a record since its creation on May 29, 2017. It is the same date of IBGE’s anniversary, which will celebrate 86 years in 2022.

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